GCB is creating unique, impressive luxury custom homes throughout Charlotte


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When looking at the lavish design of the GCB project at 1344 Biltmore Ave. in Eastover, you’d have reason to believe that similar $2.2 million homes are the main focus of Charlotte’s premier boutique construction firm. But owner John Jackovich founded the company to be more flexible than that. Whether you have smaller projects or more cost-effective residences in mind, GCB offers help for clients through the entire construction process, including design, planning and the actual construction. “Even after the move-in date,” said Jackovich, “you can always give GCB a call.”

A look at what GCB does best

What makes GCB different from other construction companies is its ability to adjust to the needs of its clients. Jackovich’s firm may be small, but that smallness comes with a passion for design and building. The firm has existing “spec houses” that are move-in ready for some clients and can also build to suit for those with more specific design requests. As for land that GCB owns? “We’re open to selling [the land],” said Jackovich, “and helping clients build their dream house.”

Other than the beautiful multi-million-dollar home on Biltmore Avenue, the firm has created equally impressive, expensive-looking homes that require a fraction of that lofty cost. Check out the modern craftsman look of their Chantilly property at 2317 Shenandoah Ave., for instance. That home will list in the mid-$900,000 range. Or, check out the newest unit at 2405 Lynhaven in Plaza Midwood. Expansive, spacious, modern and beautiful, this premium property is priced in the low- to mid-$700,000s.

GCB has properties all over Charlotte, including 2926 Hampton Ave. in Myers Park, 2035 Marguerite in Plaza Midwood and more. The firm can handle new builds from the ground up as well as renovations to give old buildings a modern edge.

Connecting With GCB

When you become a client of GCB, you become more than just a customer. The firm is designed to be smaller and more intimate, enabling it to directly handle the concerns of its clientele. Instead of working with larger companies and remaining at a distance from the people building your home, GCB keeps all lines of communication open even years after your home is built. This emphasis on customer service and satisfaction is what makes GCB stand out as a premier boutique construction firm in Charlotte.

For more information about GCB, visit their website here.


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