What can you do with a 10-Month MBA from Gardner-Webb University? We’re glad you asked


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With the launch of its new 10-month MBA program, Gardner-Webb University has made earning a Master of Business Administration degree even more achievable to the working professional. But what can you do with your 10-month MBA? The possibilities are nearly limitless, it turns out.

Life after graduation

The new 10-month MBA teaches students business leadership strategies and organizational skills that are crucial to improving your professional life after school. This education is applicable to a wide variety of positions, and the 10-month program packs in the same instruction as a traditional MBA in a much shorter time-frame.

Graduates of Gardner-Webb’s Godbold School of Business MBA programs have gone on to hold positions as chief executive officers, chief financial officers, health care administrators, software analysts, regional marketing managers and much more. The degree is also incredibly useful for government positions and small business entrepreneurs.

Connections made

A secondary benefit of the 10-month MBA program is that students will meet and connect with other professionals. Networking can lead to greater opportunities in the future and a greater awareness of the job market.

Plus, the 10-month MBA features guest lecturers from the business world, including renowned business leaders, and small class sizes mean that professors can develop a closer relationship with their students. All of these connections are sure to be useful after graduation.

Other MBA opportunities at Gardner-Webb University

The 10-month MBA program is just the latest way that Gardner-Webb University is innovating the education experience. The university has an MBA program that fits with everybody’s interests, and coursework is available in both entirely online and traditional on-campus formats.

Additional MBA programs include international business management, as well as degrees that focus on applying MBA skills to health care roles, marketing, divinity and more. No matter what you’re looking to do after graduating, an MBA from Gardner-Webb University can help you achieve your goals.

Want to learn more about the different MBA programs at Gardner-Webb University? Click here for more information.



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