Show your PRIDE and make a statement with these bold front door colors


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The front door of your home is more than a first impression. It’s a big, bright “hello” to the world, and a great way to express your personality. Give it the chance to stand out with some color. Show that large rectangle some love, and take inspiration from the festive PRIDE celebration in Charlotte this week.

There are no rules when it comes to door color. Find what you like and paint the town red … or blue, orange or pink! Need some help with your color choice? Below are some beautiful doors in Charlotte to get you on your way.

Go big, go bold, go red

In some cultures, red is considered lucky. Red is the perfect bold color to accent the front of your home and goes with most any facade. If you aren’t sure of the right shade, start with a lighter color and keep layering it on until you get the boldness you are going for.

Burst on the color scene with orange

Greet the world with an orange pop of color. Choose from burnt, apricot, tangerine, or all the vibrant shades in between. This pop of color is a statement worth making!

Sunshine smile with yellow

When you smile at the world, it smiles back, so why not up the grinning factor with a bright yellow door? It’s a great door color to show off wreaths, and helps planters and greenery stand out.

Go to green

Feeling lucky? Go green. Traditionally, the color can mean prosperity and wealth, but can also promote feelings of peacefulness and calm. We say win-win.

Feeling blue?

Promote serenity to all who come through your front door with the color of deep calm. Put a splash of color on your door that reflects your favorite body of water, and stay in vacation mode all year.

Perfect purple passion

Want to stand out in the neighborhood and make your front door extra happy? Go purple, violet or eggplant and go royal.

Breathe new life into your home by adding the perfect pop of color to your front door. Want other tips on how to make your home stand out and look its best? Contact a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent.

And don’t miss the fun of Charlotte Pride Week which runs through Sunday, August 18. Be part of the fun and festival Friday, August 17 from noon-10 p.m. and Sunday, August 18 from noon-6 p.m. The Pride parade is Sunday, August 18 from 1-3 p.m. in Uptown Charlotte. Get all the details here.

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