Freezing but gotta get lunch? Navigate uptown’s walkway system


The Story

You know it’s too cold out when a block of walking turns your Starbucks to iced coffee. Lucky for us southern wimps, uptown has an extensive walkway system that can get you all the way down Tryon, from the Duke Energy headquarters on Stonewall to the Hearst Tower on Fifth (view map here).

Start: Duke Energy Building

You have to find the secret elevator. It’s not really secret, but it’s tucked away. It leads to the parking. In the elevator, pick the yellow button.


When you get out, follow the yellow striped path through the underground parking. It will take you under the Mint and across Tryon and the Green.


Follow the white striped path into another elevator (you’re at the Green now). Go to level 2 and you’ll see the entrance to Three Wells Fargo Center.

three wells fargo signage

Go through the Three Wells Fargo entrance and keep heading straight. You’ll get to one of my favorite parts: the rainbow walkway. This takes you to Two Wells Fargo Center

charlotte underground tunnels uptown

You’ll enter the beautiful atrium in Two Wells Fargo. You can sit down for lunch at Mimosa Grill or go downstairs to Johnny Burrito.

atrium uptown charlotte


Head up the escalator and across another walkway into a parking garage. Follow the sign to Overstreet Mall.

overstreet mall sign charlotte

Here, great shopping awaits. Maybe not great, but shopping. And lots of restaurants – pizza, doughnuts, sandwiches, coffee. We’re a sucker for Chick-fil-A. You can also book a Segway tour.

chick fila uptown charlotte

segway uptown charlotte

Now you’re headed toward Bank of America Plaza, which was BOFA’s headquarters in the ’70s. If you want, turn right to get to the EpiCentre. If you’re in it for the long haul, continue down the hallway toward the BOFA Corporate Center.

founders hall bank tunnels

Walk around the upper level of the beautiful Founders Hall and find the sign for Hearst Tower. If you want, stop into Ivey & Leo’s for a fab dress.


Head down one more walkway and you’ve made it: the end of the line, Hearst Tower.

hearst tower underground tunnels

Tired? According to Map My Run, it’s a 1.5 mile hike! And, you never have to get wet or really cold or really hot. Perfect for the Southern corporate wimp.



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