Why is Fox 46 meteorologist Nick Kosir dressing like Cam Newton on Instagram?

Photo by Alex Cason
Fox 46's Nick Kosir and Jason Harper being photographed by news directors Hans Fornoff and Jake White as part of the #dripchronicles in October.

“How is my bone structure?” Fox 46 meteorologist Nick Kosir, aka Cam Newton, asked his newscast directors Hans Fornoff and Jake White.

“Give me a countdown. Tell me how long, so I can stop sucking in,” added his partner in crime, Good Day Charlotte’s morning anchor Jason Harper, who was posing as Thomas Davis.

One might think of this as unusual commentary between coworkers, but Fornoff and White didn’t skip a beat. It was just another Friday morning around the station.

Kosir has been posing as Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton for several weeks, creating parodies of Newton’s #dripchronicles — more on what that means in a moment.

Photo by Alex Cason
Fox 46’s Nick Kosir and Jason Harper being creative directed by news director Hans Fornoff

Fornoff and White continued to direct the broadcasters’ photo shoot, paying attention to every last detail of the pose, from the crouch to the open jacket to the shapes of their fingers.

This was Harper’s debut shoot as linebacker Davis. “He (Kosir) has been dripping for 10 weeks now,” Harper said. “I’m a theater guy, so any chance I can put on a costume and play a character, and I’m excited about it,” he said.

The result was a photo that earned hundreds of likes and dozens of comments when placed side-by-side with Newton and Davis’ picture on Instagram.

Outfit of the day

At Fox 46, Kosir said employees are encouraged to post on social media every day. One day, Kosir was scrolling through his feed looking for inspiration and he saw Newton posting his outfit of the day.

“I saw he had like 30,000 likes,” he said. “I thought to myself, ‘I wish it was that easy, where I could just take a picture of whatever I was wearing that day and get 30,000 likes.’ My boss would love me forever.”

Kosir happened to have identical clothing to what Newton was wearing that day, so he dressed like him and did a side-by-side post. That earned Kosir the most likes he’d ever gotten on a photo.

“It was so successful that the next day he came in and was like, ‘Oh shoot, I can’t stop doing this now. The people are asking for it now,’” Harper said.

So, what is a drip chronicle? Kosir explained: “Cam Newton started posting Instagram pictures of his outfits during training camp, and I noticed underneath every picture he would caption it, ‘Drip Chronicles Volume Whatever.’”

He didn’t think much of it until he heard a rap song where it used the term in context. He looked it up on Urban Dictionary — it means swag, often used to describe one’s outfit. “Since he hashtagged his the #dripchronicles, I’ve been hashtagging the same.”

Creative moves include buying red electrical tape to make pants with a red stripe down the side and shopping Goodwill, Amazon and the ladies’ section at Forever 21. “It’s 50 percent shopping and the other 50 percent is arts and crafts,” Kosir said.

At last Friday morning’s shoot, every detail was perfectly planned, from Kosir’s sock-less feet to his eyeglasses to the brimmed hat with a ribbon.

At a quick glance, Harper’s jacket looked identical to Davis’, including the photographs on the interior. “It’s silkscreen printed on the liner of his jacket. I’m sure he got that done in Milan for about 10 grand,” Harper said. “So I just had my 16-year-old tape a whole bunch of pictures of the family. There’s Nick and I.”

Photo by Alex Cason
Fox 46’s Nick Kosir and Jason Harper, pointing at a photo of themselves inside of Harper’s jacket.

The more detailed shots are taken by Fornoff and White, and the simpler ones, especially if taken at home, are shot by either Kosir’s wife or his nine-year-old son. “It’s a little more difficult with him because he’s swatting at bees and doesn’t really care about any of that,” Kosir said.

Kosir always mimics Newton, sans one time when he copied LeBron James. “My wife was out of town, I didn’t have much else to do that day, I was kinda bored,” he said. “Plus, I’m a huge LeBron fan.” He said when basketball season starts, he’s open to more James or Russell Westbrook parodies — both of those stars are into fashion, too, he said.

Newton seems to approve, commenting on one of the photos with, “Why has no one told me about this? I’m literally laughing.”

Courtesy of Nick Kosir

Kosir said he couldn’t believe an elite quarterback who is an absolute superstar took the time to like and comment on the photo.

“He’s one of the most accessible in the NFL and he really likes the fans,” Kosir said. “It’s really cool to see him interact. That’s the best part of social media is that interaction is possible. You just can’t believe a guy the whole city worships would take the time to do something like that.”

Kosirs #dripchronicles have gained him a bigger social media following, but more importantly, people have approached him to tell him they have started watching Good Day after seeing Kosirs effort on social media. Good Day Charlotte is on Fox 46 from 4:30-9 a.m. Monday-Friday, 5-8 a.m. Saturday and 5-9 a.m. Sunday. Kosir is on air Monday-Friday.

“My news director is especially encouraging,” he said. Her goal, as is mine, is to someday get Cam himself on the show. Thats whats next on the list — getting him on Good Day.”

So, who out there thinks Newton would show up to Good Day Charlotte dressed as a meteorologist?

Photo by Alex Cason
Fox 46’s Nick Kosir, Hans Fornoff, Jason Harper and Jake White. For the record, White is a Tennessee Titans fan and did not want to dab.



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