#FollowFriday: WBTV social media manager Katie McKiever is a unique force of nature


Katie McKiever, WBTV’s social media manager, is a unique force of nature – loud, determined and absolutely lovely.

Quick Katie facts:

Name: Katie Sherman McKiever

Twitter: @KatieMcKiever

Instagram: @katiemckiever

Favorite Local Account: @prettyannoyed

Favorite Local Celebrity Account: @JLin7

Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.

Fun fact: Katie was a cheerleading coach.

More fun today. #teamcheer #packedhouse

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Katie and I met more than 10 years ago when she blew into the newsroom where I was working and settled into the desk beside me. I knew instantly that we would be friends. Then again, most people know instantly that they will be friends with Katie. She is one of the most enthusiastically and genuinely social people I have ever met.

This was evident when Katie gathered many of Charlotte’s social media power players together for the #WBTVandMe launch at WBTV’s studios. As people mingled and put faces to Twitter handles I heard someone say, “This has McKiever all over it!”

Katie thinks that social media should be more than just anonymous people behind screens and keyboards. She believes that it has the ability to bring a deeper sense of community to Charlotte. That sense of community is one of the driving forces between the #WBTVandMe campaign. It’s a way for people to share their photos, videos and questions with WBTV.


The Blue Badge of Verification

Katie is now Twitter and Facebook verified. Which basically means that Katie has the same social media standing as Oprah.

OK, maybe that is a stretch, but verification does mean that Twitter and Facebook have verified that her account is authentic so no one can impersonate her. So she’s kind of a big deal.

Photo: Sosha Lewis


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