#FollowFriday: The #clt hashtags to hone in on


The Twitter hashtag was invented by former Google designer Chris Messina in 2007 to create groups on social media.

Today, we see hashtags all over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Hashtags are great. They drive views to our social media posts. They let us click into a category of information we want to hone in on. They link our posts to an ongoing conversation.

Oddly, they have even seeped into our spoken language. And SNL.

giphy (3)

Jimmy Fallon: “This is pretty good. Hashtag getting my cookie on. Hashtag I’m da real cookie monster. Hashtag nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.”

When you’re not busy speaking in hashtags, note which #clt hashtags should you be following — and using.

First, get newsy by noting trends. A few Twitter hashtags trending in Charlotte yesterday:

Second: Check out these 5 popular hashtags for your everyday lifestyle fix:

(1) For anything remotely Charlotte-related when you just don’t even know where to begin: #clt.

 More than 378,100 Instagram posts


(2) For traffic updates on Twitter. So you don’t get stuck in a gridlock and hate everything. 

– #CLTtraffic

(3)  For local culinary delights. Because who doesn’t love cruising through food photos when you’re already stress-snacking at your desk?

– #clteats

 More than 10,000 Instagram posts


– #cltfood

More than 23,000 Instagram posts


(4) For adult beverages. When did drinking become an adventure?

– #cltbeer

More than 18,100 Instagram posts


– #cltwine

More than 1,200 Instagram posts (let’s step up our game here, shall we?)


(5) For your arts fix. When you’re desperate to find your next jam session or visual art piece to peruse and never quite understand.

– #cltmusic

More than 7,400 Instagram posts


– #cltarts

More than 2,600 Instagram posts


 Gif courtesy of giphy.com.

Katie Toussaint Katie Toussaint only activated her Twitter account in 2012 because her journalism  professor said she had to. When she’s not trying to think of something to tweet about, she  edits for CharlotteFive and community news at the Charlotte Observer. Follow her on  Twitter @katietoussaint.


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