#FollowFriday – Logan Stewart shares her social media secrets


PcDKqX1WLogan Stewart has 5,000+ followers, and for good reason — she has a super cool job, works with amazing people (celebrities included), and stays involved with the community. During the workday, you can find her as the community and public relations manager at OrthoCarolina.

For #FollowFriday this week, we picked Stewart’s brain to find out her social media secrets.

First, the facts:

-Twitter handle: @lbstewart.
-Hails from: Spent her childhood in Winston-Salem, went to high school in Greenville, S.C.
-Favorite CLT lunch spot: Nan & Byrons.

What is your favorite social media platform to use and why?

I keep Tweetdeck on my screen all day if I’m at the computer, and I think to call me a Twitter zealot would be putting it lightly. The brevity of Twitter forces you to think creatively and strategically to get your message across. It’s kind of like a puzzle, especially if you need to fit a photo or link in your tweet.

For me, Twitter is a space where I want to be authentic. Sure, I’ll talk about topics related to my industry and I do use it professionally, but some of the best accounts to follow are people who are funny and not afraid to be themselves.

One fun fact is that I met my current boss, @bprim, on Twitter long before I ever met him in person or worked for him. Twitter is an incredible networking tool if you take the time to follow people who tweet about things that interest you and actually read and respond to their tweets. I’ve also met lots of people who became real-life friends and I’ve even had (multiple) dates with people I met on Twitter.

How do you stay authentic in a content-driven world?

If you’re creating content for an audience, make it useful. Don’t rewrite the same old content with information you can find on a million sites across the web.

If it’s content for your organization, find resources there you can talk to or interview. Write and craft your content so your organization owns it and there’s no doubt it came from your company. If you were your client or potential client, what kind of knowledge would be the most interesting to you?

Being in the healthcare industry, I spend a lot of time talking to our medical providers about the feedback they get from patients. What questions do patients ask the most, what kind of information are they hungry for and how can we as a company offer information that they can use in their daily lives? Those conversations help me determine what kind of content I develop for our website and affiliate websites.

Do you have a favorite project that you are working on now?

I’m involved with helping promote a newly-formed group called Active Charlotte Alliance (@activecharlotte). The American Fitness Index ranked Charlotte America’s 27th fittest city in the United States last year. I don’t know about you, but I see people walking, biking and running every day (and let’s hear it for Charlotte’s amazing yoga community!).

Active Charlotte Alliance has a mission to bring fitness professionals and organizations together in one central online location, offer them space to list their events and share information with Charlotte, and also a space for Charlotteans to find out what’s going on in health and fitness in our community. They’re hosting monthly socials, too. As ACA continues to grow I’m excited about the possibilities that uniting so many fitness organizations will offer our city.

What is your current favorite phone app?

I’m tempted to say Snapchat but I am fickle with my app loyalty and that one may eventually die on the vine, so I’ll go with Timehop. Nostalgia can evoke some pretty intense feelings, and when I look at my daily Timehop I’ll suddenly find my mind transcending time. There are also some days I’ll look at it, feel horrified and say, “Did I seriously post that!?”

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.39.51 PMAbby Miressi is obsessed with the Charlotte startup scene and loves anything that involves culture, community, and chocolate. Twitter: @abbymsays.


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