Want to sell your home? These 5 spring cleaning tips will help your home stand out


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Daylight saving time is here, and the weather is in warmup mode. That means spring is just around the corner and so is the beginning of another busy real estate season in the Charlotte area. As you start the season off right with a home refresh, keep in mind these small (and affordable) things you can do to make a big impression on potential buyers.

Here are a few best tips from the home selling experts at Savvy + Co. Real Estate so you can be ultra prepared to sell your home this spring.

Declutter, declutter, declutter

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to kick clutter to the curb. Figure out what is and isn’t bringing you joy—or what you want, or don’t want to schlep to your new home—and watch the clutter disappear. Make piles of keep, donate and throw out.

If moving is in your future, take down all personal items and pack them away for your new abode. When you are ready, call a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent to take a look around and let you know what potential buyers are going to love about your home. With decluttering complete, you are one step closer to putting the ‘for sale’ sign in the yard.

Savvy advice: “Selling a home can be a perfect excuse to channel your inner Marie Kondo and release clothing, furniture or decor that you no longer use or love. Not only does it make your space feel larger, but it can save you time and money when packing up to move!”— Julie Coffey, Savvy + Co. Real Estate

Keep up with basic maintenance

A new season is a great time to do those every six months to a year chores that need to be done, such as changing out the batteries in smoke detectors, replacing filters, having the home sprayed for insects, etc. These simple things can help defer larger, costlier maintenance issues and keep your home humming.

Savvy advice: “Make sure you are keeping up with switching out your air filters at the return duct to keep your HVAC running efficiently. And absolutely be sure to clean the grill on the vent cover, too. Dust bunnies are a red flag to observant buyers. I had a buyer notice this once during a showing. They looked at me and said, ‘If the seller hasn’t kept up with a simple maintenance item such as this, what else isn’t being maintained?’ Needless to say, they started looking harder at everything else in the house and did not make an offer. —Shannon Lynch, Savvy + Co. Real Estate

Let the light shine in

Nothing shows better than a bright, cheery home. Remove the season’s dirt and grime with a good window cleaning. If you have windows you can’t reach or don’t have time or the tools for a complete clean, call in the professionals.

Savvy advice: “Make sure to clean the windows—inside and out. Clean windows go a long way to making the home feel lighter and brighter. —Shannon Lynch, Savvy + Co. Real Estate

Create curb appeal

Remove dead plants and tree limbs, and create a plan for spring planting. Even small sprucing up around the mailbox, front steps and backyard can go a long way with a potential buyers. Remember, potted and hanging plants can also make a great impression.

Savvy advice: “I strongly suggest a simple project plan for each section of the house. For maximizing your home’s exterior, invest time and effort in power washing, painting, fixing any broken items, new floodlights, a new small flower bed, fresh patio/accents, tidy up the grass, etc.” — Les Harrell, Savvy + Co. Real Estate

Call in a professional

When your home is nearing perfection, give a trusted real estate agent a call. They can offer staging advice to show off each and every room in the house and talk about what today’s buyers are looking for in a home.

They can also offer next steps, which might include a list of smaller repairs or suggest having a home inspection completed before sellers start viewing your home. You can find out what your home will likely sell for in your neighborhood, set open house dates and decide on a marketing plan that fits your schedule.

Complete these simple steps to get spring ready and watch your new home plans bloom.

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