Life lesson #327: It’s worth the effort to get a mammogram


You thought you learned all your life lessons in kindergarten? Besides not eating paste, there is always more to learn. Like what you can gain from getting a mammogram.

So get ready to take notes. Here are five life lessons you can learn from getting your mammogram at Charlotte Radiology:

(1) A moment of discomfort is worth peace of mind

We know you did not get out of bed this morning bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and eager to make your mammography appointment. But unlike some less-than-pleasant life experiences — like drawing the pickiest coworker for the gift exchange — this one is made better at Charlotte Radiology with nice people, a professional environment and (drum roll) the peace of mind knowing you are doing something positive for your health.


(2) Inspiration is everywhere

If expensive greeting cards with pictures of sunsets and long poems in cursive aren’t cutting it, you can find true inspiration at Charlotte Radiology. From the website to the waiting room, stories of hope, perseverance, caring and empowerment are front and center at Charlotte Radiology. Their patients become part of the family and the caring shows.

(3) You are not alone

Obviously – have you seen I-77 at 8 a.m.? You also have plenty of company at Charlotte Radiology, where they have a team of specialists with you from start to finish, no matter the next best step. If you need follow up, they are quick to have a professional speak with you. The staff, radiologists and doctors make you feel comfortable during the entire process.

(4) Joining the crowd isn’t always a bad thing We know individuality is important to you, and we say if you want to keep your college hairstyle, you have no beef with us. But the “I just had my mammography” crowd is one you’ll be proud to join. You will fully appreciate and understand mammography lingo, humor and have great stories to share about Charlotte Radiology and how the whole mammography thing wasn’t as scary as you thought.

(5) Cookies make everything ok

We know this is a life lesson you learned at an early age, but it bears repeating. Cookies do indeed make everything ok, or at least a lot better. At some Charlotte Radiology locations the beautiful and calming changing area is made even better with cookies. This treat and caring staff make you feel comfortable, happy and ready to make mammograms part of your annual check-up routine.


The facts

Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women, affecting one in every eight women in the United States. Chances are you know someone with breast cancer or have experienced it yourself. Mammograms are still one of the best ways to detect breast cancer. Make your appointment today at Charlotte Radiology.

Photo: Charlotte Radiology


Courtney McLaughlin is a freelance writer in Charlotte who had her first mammogram this year at Charlotte Radiology. She had a great experience and may have over did it on the cookies.


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