So you’ve been thinking about buying a home but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got the answer on where you can go to get lots of answers. Join your real estate expert friends from Savvy + Co. Real Estate October 10 for the “First Time Home Buyer Happy Hour” from 6-8 p.m. at Catawba Brewing Company.  No matter where you are in the home buying process from “I’m just thinking about it” to “I’m ready NOW”, they want to buy you a beer and talk about how purchasing a home might be right up your alley. But don’t take our word for it, listen to the the real estate gurus.

Make it your own

“Of course, there are great financial benefits to purchasing a home,” says Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent Amanda Wommack. “But what excites me is being able to really make a home my own. I can take down walls, paint with funky colors, update fixtures, add ceiling fans, etc. without having to worry about changing it back later.  Plus I have plenty of room for my great dane and chicken coop. Not many rentals would allow for that.” Amanda will be at the October event and is ready to talk home buying, great danes and chicken coops!

You can also visit Amanda at her open house for this Brawley Farms home from 10 a.m.-noon this Saturday. We think this has you written all over it.

Show me the money

“Buying is better than renting if you’re looking to build wealth, ” says Savvy + Co. Real Estate Agent Kim Parati. “Buy smart and make your mortgage payments in order to contribute money to the best piggy bank you’ve ever had. And if you decide to sell your home after a period of building up your equity, you could walk away with a nice check to keep or put towards your next home! Now that’s winning.” Kim will also be at the October 10 event and she can talk money, building wealth and answer your questions about the home buying process. Oh, and ask her about her creative endeavors and what production she will be starring in next!

Rent vs. Own

“When you own your home you’re gaining equity every month that you pay your mortgage, and when you rent you’re basically throwing money away every month,” says Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent Jessica Banks. “Rent continues to rise in the Charlotte area and if you have a fixed rate mortgage, your payment will not go up…ever! A lot of people don’t realize how tangible it is to become a home owner. You can speak to a lender and find out that same day if and what you qualify for.” Meet Jessica at the event and talk more about the pros and cons of renting versus owning. Want to know how Charlotte was back in the day? Talk to Jessica she’s a Charlotte NATIVE!

Enjoy a beer and learn more about purchasing a home. If you’ve been wondering how your life would change if you went from renting to buying, the nice, smart, experienced Savvy + Co. Real Estate agents want to meet you at this fun and informative October 10 home buying event. Plus, there’s beer.