First look: Local Loaf NoDa will have its grand opening later this month


When I met with Adam Spears, owner of 7th Street Public Market’s Local Loaf, more than a year ago, he had ambitious goals for his new location in NoDa.

At that time, he thought he’d be open by June 2016. Construction and permitting issues delayed the opening, worrying neighbors like me that it might never happen.

But the time has come: Local Loaf NoDa’s Grand Opening is May 25.

Spears could hardly contain his excitement at his soft opening this past weekend. Family and close friends gathered to witness his unveiling of more than a year’s work.

Here’s what you will find when you visit Local Loaf NoDa:

Breakfast on the menu

Look for breakfast all-day, coffee and pastries. Don’t expect the same menu as the one at the uptown location. Spears explained in last year’s interview that he wants each of his locations to offer a different experience for people.

“I don’t want them to all be cookie-cutter same,” he said.

Spears recognizes that Local Loaf does have some favorites.

He said, “The chicken and egg will come over. That’s who we are. But I’m looking at changing both the breakfast sandwiches as well as the regular menu sandwiches.”

Spears said, “This is Local Loaf NoDa. It’s got to work for the community. I have to listen to what people want in this community versus what’s up there (at 7th Street Public Market).”

Market options

Local Loaf NoDa will be a source for dry goods. Spears will have everything from trail mix to black beans in gravity dispensers.

He said, “Pick up one gram or a thousand grams of beans and rice and macaroni.”

A peanut butter machine, coffee roasters and grinders will also be available. Spears plans to carry local farmers’ produce.

Don’t forget to purchase bottles of wine and beer to take with you.

“We’ll have a lot of imports – Germans, European beers and Hefeweizen,” Spears said. “We’ll also have local beer.”

Deli and salad items

The deli case will carry non-nitrate deli meats, salads, prepared foods, half-chickens, ribs and other items. This location will also have a charcuterie section and sell high-end cheeses.

“We are looking at doing crab legs and a raw bar on Saturdays and Sundays,” said Spears.

This is just the beginning of Spears’ plan for the NoDa location. Currently there is no seating, but he will reapply for an on-premise permit with the city. He hopes to sell beer, wine and fortified wines by the glass and bottle.

Spears said, “In the next year, we’ll put a patio out front, so we can have that type of seating through the warmer months.”

A finished backyard is also in the plan.

And when asked about competition with NoDa Bodega and the other businesses in the community, Spears said, “There’s enough people to go around.”

Local Loaf Charlotte: 800 East 35th St.
Tentative hours: 5 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday-Sunday

Photos: Vanessa Infanzon


  1. When you know the planning, toil, vision and dedication that have gone into this endeavor, who could not wish a world of success to Adam Spears and his hard working side-kick, Kristen Ford!! NoDa is looking absolutely great. Sure hope to be at your grand opening. Much success and nothing but good luck!!

  2. This place originally belonged to my grandparents. Tip Top Grocery was the name. My grandparents were known as Snookie and Carl to many who lives there and most would still remember them well. So many memories flood my mind and heart seeing this place again. I ask the owners to please love it as we did as a family. It is still deep within our hearts a beautiful place. Just seeing the pictures drown my heart with so many memories of having a coke and a candy behind the counter with my grandparents. Many can attest to the history they brought to this old place.


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