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Photo by Style Souffle

This post is brought to you in partnership with the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show (happening March 1-3 at The Park Expo and Conference Center). All opinions are our own.

With low inventory on the housing market, many of Charlotte’s neighborhoods are seeing tear downs: original homes being sold and demolished to make way for custom homes. By purchasing an older home, buyers can certainly save some money, but a home renovation is no small task. When deciding if it’s right for you, you’ll want to understand what you’re getting into.

Taylor-Rae of Style Souffle and her husband recently bought a house and are going through home renovations. For them, it was important to begin with the areas they spent the most time in, starting with the master bathroom. “That space was very outdated in comparison to the rest of the home, therefore we prioritized that space above others,” she said.

Photo by Style Souffle

When it comes to budgeting, Taylor-Rae advised to spend money where it matters. In her home, she stayed clear of trends and made smart design decisions that would hold value. Think of investing in the kitchen, master bathroom, flooring, fixtures and windows.

After a plan is in place, next is to decide what you want to DIY and what projects will need a pro. Look for a professional for home renovations requiring plumbing, changes to the structure and anything involving permits. “My husband and a gas line would be a recipe for disaster,” Taylor-Rae said. “We learned a lot during the home buying-and-selling process, and want everything to be done to code should we ever sell our home.”

Photo by Style Souffle

Whether you decide to DIY or call in a professional for your home renovations, a good place for resources is the Southern Spring Home and Garden Show. Home shows are a great way to get inspiration if you’re just starting, or a one-stop-shop for your entire home renovation dream team. Ask all your questions up front, without needing to commit just yet (though you definitely can if you want).

Taylor-Rae has some tips for finding your team for home renovations. “When I was selecting a contractor for my own home, the things that made me select one candidate over another were patience, experience working with specific materials, trustworthiness and personality,” she said. “I knew I had found our contractor when he believed in my vision the same way I did!”

Photo by Style Souffle

When evaluating different vendors, find the one who is as passionate about your project as you are, and be sure to get some information up front: evaluate references, talk about budget, timelines and punctuality. Don’t forget to inquire about a vendor’s specific skill set and experience—that can make or break your project.

The Southern Spring Home and Garden Show continues this weekend, March 1-3, at the Park Expo and Conference Center.


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