Unknown Brewing unveils can design for ‘Feather Light,’ Charlotte’s first true light beer


Two weeks ago, Unknown Brewing announced that Charlotte’s first-ever light beer is coming in early March 2018. “Feather Light” is a 3.8% ABV Berliner style ale with only 123 calories and under seven carbs per can.

Yesterday, as soon as they were delivered to the brewery’s warehouse, Unknown Brewing Marketing Director Scotty Kent invited CharlotteFive to the first-ever debut of the Feather Light cans.

The cans’ design is reminiscent of the beer itself: light and crisp.

If you’re thinking, “But I’ve tried plenty of light beers at breweries around the Queen City,” we hate to tell you: that’s just not true. While some of the beers you’ve ordered may have tasted and looked light, and likely had a low ABV, that’s not all that goes into light beer.

We talked to Unknown Brewing Head Brewer, Chris Wertman, to learn what requirements have to be met in order for a brew to be a true “light beer,” as well as what we can expect Feather Light to taste like (spoiler alert: it is NOT going to taste like Bud Light or Miller Lite).


Unknown’s head brewer tells you what makes this beer unique

Unknown Brewery’s Chris Wertman describes the flavor profile of the city’s first craft light beer, as well as the perfect time to enjoy this new brew.

Feather Light will officially be one of Unknown Brewing’s “core beers,” along with Pre-Game (a 4.5% session ale), Over The Edge (a 6.4% American IPA), Scratch ‘N Sniff (a 4.8% aromatic IPA) and Ginger Ale (a non-alcholic craft ginger ale made using fresh hand-peeled ginger, cane sugar and lime juice).

Scotty thinks everyone in Charlotte will be excited about this new brew, but he said he expects it to appeal to three groups in particular: “Those people who aren’t so sure about craft beer and currently drink Bud Light, the health-conscious people who are careful about their calorie intake and the active people who like to drink beer.”

Feather Light cans will hit grocery store shelves in Charlotte on March 1, and you’ll be able to pick up a six-pack for $9.99. You’ll also be able to order Feather Light on draft in the taproom for $5 a pint.



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