It’s time to say farewell to NoDa’s Art Hole — and the free PBR


Many great initiatives begin over drinks with friends. The origin of the Art Hole gallery in NoDa was no different.

Photo 1 Credit Art Hole

One night in late 2014, while drinking Jameson whiskey, Pabst Blue Ribbon colleagues John Varvaro and Rob Reilly talked about setting up a pop-up art show. They wanted a place to highlight past artists from PBR’s annual contest to design a beer can.

Varvaro and Reilly’s idea became reality. PBR agreed to sponsor the art show and a three-month lease for a small building on the corner of Whiting Avenue and 35th Street. A friend threw out “Art Hole” as a name and it stuck.

Since Art Hole’s first show last July, local artists such as Arko and Owl, Badjiggy, Matt Hooker, Matt Moore, Will Puckett, Lauren Puckett, Two Dimes, Henry Schreiber and Alex DeLarge have displayed their work.

It was supposed to be a short-term venture, but it went too well. They renewed the lease a couple of more times. Varvaro attributes the Art Hole’s success to the neighborhood and community embracing the concept. Many individuals and business owners supported the artists by purchasing art. The free PBR may have helped, too.

Photo 3 Credit Art Hole

The lease for the Art Hole ends this month, but because of the popularity, PBR is bringing the concept to two other cities. (PBR will be making an official announcement soon.)

Art Hole has two final shows in Charlotte:

Friday, June 10 at 8 p.m.

Jake Hindes, co-owner of Prism Motorcycle Supply Co., will unveil his entry for the Born-Free 8 Motorcycle Show at the Art Hole. Hindes was one of 20 builders invited to the competition in California.


Friday, June 24 through Wednesday, June 29

The final exhibit will feature past Art Hole artists. They will debut one new piece of artwork. The kickoff is at 8 p.m. June 24.

Photo 5 Credit Art Hole

Art Hole exhibits are free and open to the public. PBR is complimentary if you are over 21 years of age. Artwork is available for purchase.

908 E. 35th Street

Photos: Art Hole; Prism Motorcycle Supply Co.


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