6 of the fanciest local treats for your dog, from dog beer to birthday cakes

Bowser Beer at Lincoln's Haberdashery. Photo by Chyna Blckmon

It’s no secret that Charlotte is full of pups, dog lovers AND dozens of dog-friendly bars, breweries and parks. But what’s even better are the goofy treats available to treat your pup at these hang-out spots and other shops around the city.

Here are the top 6 craziest treats I’ve found for dogs in town:

Foot-long bone

Foot-long Bone at Harris Teeter. Photo by Chyna Blackmon

RUFFIN IT’ Chomp’ems is a premium foot-long beefhide dog chew bone sold online and in grocery stores. The 11″-12″ treat is said to clean teeth and strengthen gums for hours of healthy chewing fun.

Where to find it: Harris Teeter; 2717 South Blvd.

Cost: $7.99



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We’re for the people and the pups! Go to our website to get some King of Pups for your pup. #kingofpopsclt

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King of Pups is an all-natural dog treat made for four-legged friends. Mixed with yogurt, banana, peanut butter and honey, these resealable puppy pops come in two sizes for dogs big and small.

Where to find it: King of Pops; 2500 Dunavant St

Price: $2 for small cup and $3 for large cup

Beef Jerky Treats

Beef Jerky Dog Treats at PetWants: Urban Feed Store. Photo by Chyna Blackmon

If you’re allowed to eat beef jerky, why not treat your furry friend with a piece of originally crafted beef jerky? These jerky treats are prepared and marinated overnight to be bagged and ready to serve the following day. Fun fact: This is the most popular item sold at PetWants and cats love it too.

Where to find it: PetWants: The Urban Feed Store, 2324 B Distribution St.

Price: $7/bag

Dog Beer 

Want your pup to drink with you during happy hour? Try Bowser Beer. The non-alcoholic “booze” is made to be healthy for any pup (it’s made with human-grade meat, no added salt or fat, and malt barley) and could be served chilled or poured over a bowl of dry kibble. The puppy brew comes in beef and pork flavors.

Where to find it: Lincoln’s Haberdashery, 1300 South Blvd.

Price: $5.75/bottle

Birthday “Pawty” Cakes

Birthday “Pawty” Cakes at Canine Cafe. Photo by Chyna Blackmon

Canine Cafe is the stop for all homemade treats to celebrate your pup, thanks to its onsite bakery. The birthday “pawty” cakes are peanut butter and banana flavored, topped with colorful frosting and a doggy cookie.

Where to find it: Canine Cafe Charlotte, 125 Remount Rd.

Price: $14.95

Doggy Daiquiris

Doggy Daiquiri samples at Canine Cafe. Photo by Chyna Blackmon

It’s easy to keep the party going at Canine Cafe with their abundance of options — so I also can’t overlook the yogurt “daiquiris,” great for summer. You can get them in liquid form, or frozen solid (recommended for bigger dogs). The treats are made with pumpkin, peanut butter or honey.

Where to find it: Canine Cafe Charlotte, 125 Remount Rd.

Price: $2.25


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