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As warm weather starts to fade and the leaves start to turn glorious shades of red and orange, it is time to start thinking about fall fashion. Yet, in our media-driven, fast-paced world, it can seem like looking good is solely the territory of celebrities.

In reality, you can achieve the look you want and feel great about yourself by adhering to just a few fashion tips. Enzo Custom offered four simple ideas to get you started.

Tip #1: Prioritize comfort.

Looking your best starts by feeling your best. In the fall and winter, this means selecting outfits that keep away uncomfortable chills. Now is the time to get new jackets, thicker shirts, and vests to keep warm. When picking your favorite jacket or shirt, avoid thin materials like linen and opt for Super 150s, 170s, and even 200s. Wool suits are a big favorite for this time of year, and wool-cotton blends are also good choices. Thicker materials cost a bit more, but they are far better for colder weather.

Also, Enzo Custom creates your chosen shirts from scratch using your specific measurements. Aside from simply warming your body, these articles will fit your body exactly. Overcoats are definitely in season, with classic black, gray, and tan options pairing well with fall colors. If you don’t have an overcoat for local art galas, evenings at the Charlotte Ballet, or even casual “friends-giving” celebrations, head into Enzo Custom’s Charlotte Showroom to get your fitting now.

Tip #2: Pick patterns wisely.

Fall styles depend on choosing the right patterns. Chino pants are in, said Enzo Custom, but you want to make sure that you get yours in seasonally appropriate patterns. Windowpane, plaid, and gingham are also solid choices. Pro tip: gingham and plaid are often confused, but the difference is that gingham is a checkerboard pattern with one color, whereas plaid has multiple colors.

Oh, and don’t forget about flannel. Available in a variety of patterns and colors, flannel is one of the most popular prints of Autumn. It’s a must-have for anyone crafting the perfect Fall outfit.

Match a patterned shirt or set of trousers with contrasting colors in your jacket to draw the eye and make your outfit “pop.” Of course, Enzo Custom clothiers can help you pick the best patterns to accentuate your body type.

Tip #3: Reflect the season in your tones.

Contrasting colors are always good, but you want to make sure that the tones you select are appropriate for the season. In Fall, warmer tones are best and reflect the oranges, yellows, and reds of the Autumn leaves. Colder tones can seem out of place and out of season.

A good strategy is using more muted colors in your jackets and trousers while showing off brighter and warmer highlights in a tie. Popular choices include shades of beige, dark burgundy, brown, and the ever-in-style classic black. These softer colors help bring a sense of tasteful subtlety to your ensemble.

Tip #4: Complete your look with accessories.

People often overlook accessories when building an outfit. However, the right accessory can complete a look and increase your confidence. Having a great suit and a dingy, worn-out belt can crumble the whole image you are trying to exude.

At Enzo Custom, clothiers can guide you to the perfect accessories, like patterned or solid-color ties, belts, cuff links, and even weekender bags. Other good accessories to really make an outfit “pop” include scarves and wristwatches. Of course, you also need to update your sock game with warmer, thicker materials that will keep you from freezing in the occasional Charlotte snow. With your look thus completed, you’ll be ready for all the new opportunities that Fall brings your way.

Bonus Tip: If all else fails, get guidance from professionals!

Everyone wants to be in style, but it’s difficult to handle all of these aspects of style on your own. Plus, even in-style suits can have a diminished look if they are not fitted to your body properly. At Enzo Custom, the clothiers guide you through the process of selecting the right fall patterns and styles, and they take 31 measurements to ensure that your outfit is precisely matched to your body type.

Whether at the conference table discussing quarterly earnings or at a dinner table for a friend’s gathering, an ensemble tailored specifically to you lets you show the best side of yourself.

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