How can you build an executive wardrobe without an executive salary?


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Charlotte has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States for over a decade. The latest data ranks Charlotte as the fifth fastest-growing city nationally. This explosive growth is driven by the influx of corporations and young professionals seeking to build their careers.

The struggle for many of those young hopefuls is to dress for the job they want without breaking the budget they have.

Fortunately, Charlotte’s new menswear provider, Enzo Custom, approaches custom clothing in a way that solves this problem. Enzo Custom’s highly-skilled clothiers can help you get the essentials any man needs to start building a professional wardrobe made just for you.

The Essentials of a professional wardrobe

Look into any career veteran’s closet and you are sure to find a few staples: a gray suit, a blue suit, and a black tuxedo. Looking sharp and feeling your best starts by having an outfit for all occasions.

Starting out in your career, though, may mean starting small. Enzo Custom offers a full consultation and custom experience for shirts and pants as well as suits.

You can book an appointment, spend a mere hour of your time getting measured comprehensively, and have flattering, custom-crafted shirts or suits delivered to your doorstep in about four weeks.

Enzo Custom’s clothiers assess more than 30 facets of your body’s build, allowing them to craft a shirt or suit specifically to fit you in the most comfortable and flattering way.

After getting your initial measurements, you can use that same information in the future to have Enzo Custom craft new suits and shirts as needed.

Your personal profile

Apparel companies like Bonobos merely offer a wider variety of fits and sizes. Enzo Custom, however, develops a specific profile of your measurements. This means every suit and shirt is literally made solely for you.

Enzo Custom clothiers focuses on the details. They offer advice on the fabrics and designs that can enhance the attributes you want to highlight. If you’re trying to appear taller, maybe you want your suit to feature peak lapels. If you have a wider chest, maybe you want to pick a wider lapel to re-proportion your look.

Clothiers at Enzo Custom discuss all these details with you when you arrive for a consultation and measurement. Once they have your preferences and information, they store it as a personal profile that can be used as your career and wardrobe need to expand.

Imagine having a button-up shirt that fits you exactly right. Instead of scouring clothing stores across the city in the hunt for a match, you can have Enzo craft another one exactly like it or in different colors, patterns, or styles using the same measurements!

Building your wardrobe is made simple after your measurements are on file, with the ability to customize and order new outfits online and have them shipped to the uptown Charlotte showroom or directly to your door.

To book your appointment at the Enzo Custom Charlotte showroom, select your appointment time on their schedule.

For ideas on impressive custom suits, check out Enzo Custom’s Instagram and Facebook pages.


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