Enzo Custom: The new suit game in town


This article is brought to you in partnership with Enzo Custom. All opinions are our own.

We are constantly bombarded with images of airbrushed, glamorous models on the covers of magazines and across social media platforms like Instagram. In reality, people come in all shapes and sizes, and many people struggle to feel confident with off-the-rack outfits that don’t complement their bodies.

If that sounds like you, the good news is that Enzo Custom is bringing the solution to Charlotte. Specializing in custom suits, shirts, and slacks, the company makes every garment specifically for your measurements, all from scratch!

So-called “made-to-measure” suits from other companies are just off-the-rack suits altered as much as possible to fit a few of your measurements.

Due to Enzo Custom’s business model, it are able to offer a true custom experience at affordable prices, without sacrificing the quality of its materials.

What to Expect at Enzo Custom

Getting your very own custom suit starts with a trip to Enzo Custom’s Charlotte showroom. You will meet a highly experienced clothier, who will walk you through the process, which lasts roughly one hour.

When you arrive for your appointment, a clothier will greet you and offer you your choice of beverage: ice water, bourbon, etc. Once you’re comfortable, your clothier will take up to 31 measurements that will be used to create a suit to your exact specifications. Everything is taken into consideration, including your body type, stance, and posture to make a suit that lets you feel and look great in your own skin.

Once the fit and measurement decisions have been made, your clothier will guide you through the process of customizing your garments. You can select the patterns, colors, fabrics, and designs that meet your specific needs.

In just four weeks, the experts at Enzo Custom will craft your garments for a final fitting.

Veteran Enzo clothier Arthur Silber sums up the process like this: “Our job is to listen to each client’s wants and needs, and synthesize those with the measurements and design [that is] best for their build.”

How Enzo Custom Makes Your Suit Affordable

Many people consider custom suits a luxury reserved for the wealthy. The Enzo experience fixes this issue in two major ways.

Just like farm-to-table restaurants, Enzo Custom’s vertically-oriented company structure thrives on its direct relationship with its providers. This allows it to obtain the highest quality materials from the best fabric mills in the world at a lower cost than other custom clothing companies.

Customer experience and value are key elements in building long-lasting relationships with Enzo Custom clients. In a world of faceless e-commerce and impersonal retail, this emphasis on the client provides a breath of fresh air.

Setting Up Your Complimentary Appointment

Many off-the-rack suits at Macy’s or other clothing outlets can cost $300-$400 or more before costly alterations. At Enzo Custom, a suit designed just for you can start out as low as $495.

The company provides a free consultation to discuss your options as well as full appointments with an expert clothier. Once you are measured, it can even use those measurements for future orders.

To book your appointment at the Enzo Custom Charlotte showroom, select your appointment type on their schedule.

You also can check out some impressive custom suits on Enzo Custom’s Instagram and Facebook pages.


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