Top 6 engagement ring trends for the holidays


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The holidays are the unofficial start to engagement season, so social media posts of friends sporting their sparkling new engagement rings are right around the corner!

After reshaping her father’s 40-year-old jewelry company, vice president and general counsel Hadley Perry of Perry’s Diamonds & Estate Jewelry has seen engagement ring trends come and go.

Here are six engagement ring trends that Perry thinks you’ll see more of this season.

(1) Three diamonds

The three-stone engagement ring is experiencing a revival thanks to Meghan Markle and the ravishing three diamonds sitting on her finger. “You can always mix it up by varying the cut on the center diamond from the side diamonds, or even a color gemstone in the center,” Perry said.

(2) Colored gemstones

Colored gemstones are a great alternative to the traditional diamond ring. Sapphires are especially popular because the stones are able to withstand the normal wear and tear of an engagement ring, and are offered in practically every color.

(3) Oval cuts

On top of giving off the appearance of a larger diamond (and typically for a lower price tag than a traditional round cut diamond, no less), an oval cut will allow your fingers to look longer.

(4) Vintage-inspired rings

Vintage-inspired designs add touches of timeless elegance and grace with its milgrain detailing and floral scrolls.

(5) Marquise cuts

The marquise cut has made a comeback after spiking in popularity in the 1980s, and losing trendiness shortly thereafter. Perry has recently seen the cut with an updated twist: Set east-west or in a halo-style setting.

(6) East-West orientation

The traditional north-south orientation has disappeared from engagement rings, at least for now. The east-west trend easily gives ovals, marquises, and emerald cuts a different look, appearing more unique than the traditional ring.

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