She’s almost 36 weeks pregnant and still doing CrossFit — and doesn’t care about the haters.

Emily Breeze Watson of Charlotte lifts weights during her workout at Rising Crossfit Ballantyne on May 10, 2016. Despite being overdue to deliver her first child, the 31-year-old fitness instructor and CrossFitter is still working out two hours a day, six days a week. Photo: Robert Lahser

The CharlotteFive Podcast team wanted to take a look at fitness and get in better shape, so we brought on trainer, social media superstar and two-time CrossFit competitor, Emily Breeze.

Besides the comments listed below, click and listen to hear Breeze discuss her success on social media, being an inspiration to other pregnant women, doing fun workouts with her first child, her move your bump hashtag, the importance of working fitness into your everyday routine, her free bootcamps at STAX with Randy Moss, why sweets are her weakness and more.

You do very intense workouts, including CrossFit, while pregnant. What type of reaction have you received? Are you worried at all that this might be dangerous for your baby? 

“I definitely get both positive and negative reactions. I just have a really strong relationship with my doctor and just being an athlete my entire life, I totally understand and respect and listen to my body. This is my daily life, I work out six days a week and if I didn’t, I think my body would be like, what is happening?”

What has your doctor said about your workout routine while pregnant? 

“He is super on board and encouraging and supportive. He just continues to tell me to listen to my body. I do just as many checkups as any pregnant woman would, and everything seems to always check out well, so he’s like all right, let’s rock and roll.”

Some of the negative comments have called you selfish and said you’re putting the life of your unborn child at risk. How do you respond to claims like that?

“I don’t respond at all. I will talk to my husband because he’s my biggest support system. If it is something that really upsets me then we can talk it through and get over it. I don’t want to bring that negativity even more to my page. I just want to keep it moving and just know that I’m doing the right thing for my body. I’m not necessarily saying that this is for everyone, but I know that it is good for me.

So, you just watched Sallie and I try to become ninja warriors at Kinetic Heights. How would you rank our athletic prowess? 

“I think there is some room for improvement, for sure. Prior to last July, I hadn’t done a Spartan race or Ninja Warrior type race. I got invited for this show they were filming out in Minnesota, called World’s Toughest Mile. It was a Tough Mudder event. There were all these interesting things where you had to run and jump and swing on stuff, basically all the Spartan and Tough Mudder things. It was super humbling because that isn’t something I do every day.”

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Photos: Emily Breeze


  1. I’ll hate on anyone for doing CrossFit, pregnant or not. Any exercise system that intentionally encourages not using full range of motion is not worth doing.


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