Where to find eggnog (and eggnog-flavored treats) to satisfy your cravings this season

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Crepe Cellar

Ahh, eggnog — for such the timeless treat that it is, there are a surprising amount of twists on the old classic offered each holiday season.

Traditionally, the drink involves milk, eggs, rum or whiskey and spices. The ingredients might not make it sound like the most appealing concoction, but eggnog has been a custom for centuries.

It’s a divisive classic: people tend to run far away from it or straight to it every year. If you belong to the latter group, check out these Charlotte spots for everything from straight-up eggnog to eggnog-infused desserts and eggnog martinis.

Crepe Cellar

3116 N Davidson St.

Duck! Or Lose Your Noggin Housemade Duck Eggnog

Price: $12

What’s in it: Local duck eggs, sugar, heavy cream, whole milk, Underberg, cognac and nutmeg

Why you should try it: Savor the classic flavors of the season in this Duck! Or Lose Your Noggin Housemade Duck Eggnog, made with fresh, local ingredients.

FuManChu CupCakes

826 Lamar Ave.

Eggnog Cupcake

Price: $5/big cupcake, $2.50/mini cupcake

Why you should try it: Try the mini or the larger cupcake and taste your eggnog — including the alcohol — and dessert all in one.

*Beginning Saturday, December 8. Available until January 1.



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3106 N. Davidson St.

Frozen Eggnog

Price: $13

Why you should try it: This is the frozen spin on the classic drink. Whether you always enjoy eggnog around the holidays or you have been hesitant to try it, this is an ideal drink to order.

*Available beginning around December 15. 


445 West Trade St.

Eggnog Martini

Price: $12

What’s in it: Ketel One vodka, ginger, Kahlua and homemade whipped cream

Why you should try it: If you love a martini and also crave old-fashioned eggnog this time of year, the Eggnog Martini is the combination creation for you to try this year.

Nova’s Bakery & Coffee Shop

Multiple Charlotte Locations

Eggnog Latte

Price: $4.93/medium

What’s in it: Eggnog, espresso and vanilla flavoring

Why you should try it: Sip on your favorite year-round beverage combined with your go-to seasonal drink!

Reigning Doughnuts

3120 N. Davidson St.

Eggnog Spiced Doughnut

Price: $1.20/single, $13/dozen

What’s in it: Eggnog glaze with a sprinkle of ground clove

Why you should try it: Enjoy a doughnut with the perfect touch of eggnog at this charming spot in the heart of NoDa.

*Available beginning December 17. 

Twenty Degrees Chocolates

Available at Petit Philippe: 2820 Selwyn Ave.

Eggnog Chocolate

Price: $2.75/piece  

Why you should try it: Satisfy your chocolate cravings and eggnog cravings all in one. Don’t be afraid to sample others; the peppermint mocha is also festive and delicious.

Your Mom’s Donuts


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Multiple Charlotte locations

Eggnog Donut

Price: $4.07/1 donut, $17.85/6 donuts

Why you should try it: Try a seasonal twist on these satisfying and massive donuts. If you have never had a donut from Your Mom’s, expect a thick, dense and chewy donut texture in your sandwich-sized donut.

*Available beginning December 17. 


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