Le Dîner en Blanc brings its ‘secret posh picnic’ phenomenon to Charlotte next month

Participants dressed in white take part in Diner en Blanc, or White Dinner, at the Trocadero gardens in front the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Thursday, June 13, 2013. Credit: AP Photo/Thibault Camus.

Le Dîner en Blanc is about to give Charlotte guests the surprise party they never had.

On Aug. 11, guests will participate in a large-scale picnic like no other. The kicker: The secret venue will be revealed to them at the very last minute.

Guests are asked to meet at an assigned departure location and are then escorted to their dining venue by Dîner en Blanc volunteers. According to the website, guests should arrive at the venue wondering whether they have escaped reality and entered into a dream.

Dîner en Blanc, described as a “secret posh picnic'” on the website, is meant to create an atmosphere that will bring the elegance and glamour of Paris to the assigned location.

So, how do you get invited?

In order to attend this first Charlotte event, guests must either be invited through the hosts’ network, participating partners or register to get on the waiting list. The price for this event has not yet been confirmed.

The concept

The concept was created nearly 30 years ago in Paris, France, by Francois Pasquier and a group of friends, and has since become a global phenomenon hosting thousands of people in 80 cities in 30 different countries.

On June 3, the organization celebrated its 30th anniversary in front of the French capital’s 19th century Les Invalides monument. A record number of 17,000 guests from Paris and around the world came to attend this celebratory chic picnic, according to a press release.

This will be the first year Dîner en Blanc comes to Charlotte, with Erin Russel, Leo Bennett and Tara Robertson listed as hosts.

“As we look at ways to bring events to unify Charlotte, what better way to do it than over a meal,” said Robertson in a press release. “For years, I’ve witnessed many of my friends enjoy the elegance of this event in other major cities.”

The goal for the night is to bring guests together as they enjoy the beauty of their city over a gourmet meal. Guests are required to wear all white and are encouraged to practice tasteful creativity and elegance, in their attire.

In classic picnic fashion, guests must also bring a picnic basket comprising fine food and proper stemware and white dinnerware, as well as a white table and two white chairs.

There will be the option to pre-order food from Loft & Cellar, that will be available for pick-up at the venue. Guests can bring their own beverages, however bringing alcohol is prohibited. That said, guests can reserve wine or champagne featured on the Dîner en Blanc website. Drinks from the Biltmore Winery are featured.

Ready to take a shot at getting invited? Register here.


  1. So you’re bringing your own food, chairs,tables, decor, and yet you have to PAY someone for the experience??? What a ripoff

  2. This event is for people who have a sense of style and class, it’s about the experience of meeting new folks and having a good time and doing something that really sounds over the top.. it’s not for LOW LEVEL thinking people .. and guess what it hasn’t failed in 30 years … so you hoping it fails is just so ignorant …. you don’t want to participate then DON’T …

  3. Saw the event last night walking to Knight theater. It was amazing like thousands of people dining en plain air with live music So great, people were having a great time and so elegant. Seemed like most were people of color. Is this event open to all or more focused fir people if color?


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