9 couples share how they spice things up on their routine date nights


Whether a couple has been together for four months or 14 years, every relationship needs a regular dose of spice. Nine couples give us the details of their routine date nights.

Responses were minimally edited for brevity and clarity.

Documentary Sundays

The date night: Sunday mornings

How long they’ve been together: 23 years

The activity: “Documentary Sundays. We fix breakfast, grab coffee and watch a doc together. We typically choose a positive, uplifting and/or funny doc. ‘A Man Named Pearl’ was one of the first ones we watched.” –Donna Scott

Pizza and slushies to go

The date night: Sundays

How long they’ve been together: 3 years

The activity: “My boyfriend works weird times, but no matter what is always off Sunday nights. We order a pizza from Tony’s Pizza with ‘his’ side pepperoni and ‘her’ side ham. We pick it up and stop at the 7/11 by our house to get slushies — I’m addicted! Once we get back home we sit on the couch with our pup and pick out a movie. His: horror. Her: romantic comedy.” -M.B.

Nice and simple (and Netflix-y)

The date night: Usually Wednesdays

How long they’ve been together: 7 years

The activity: “Netflix and Sabor baby!” – S.P.

Cooking at home

The date night: Thursdays

How long they’ve been together: A little over one year.

The activity: “Usually my BF leaves for his engineering work trips every Friday morning and he’s gone ’til the following Monday. So Thursdays I’ll ask him what he wants for dinner, within reason, or he knows the drill and will just tell me. But he’ll tell me he wants lasagna, or tacos, or stir fry. And on the way home from work I’ll stop and get anything I don’t already have to make it. He usually covers the appetizer… I feel better knowing he got a home cooked meal before he leaves and eats out every day. He enjoys it and he helps me cook a decent amount so that he’s involved. We make it a no phone night unless it’s something small. But he doesn’t need me texting my best friends group chat all night while trying to spend quality time together, ya know?” –H.B.

Pizza and a movie

The date night: Fridays

How long they’ve been together: 5 years

The activity: “Friday night is almost always pizza night in my house. We order Wolfman’s Pizza — the BBQ chicken pizza is everything — and rent a movie via Amazon Prime. We’ll talk about our week as a whole and plan out our weekend. We like to use our Saturdays for errands, groceries and cleaning, so those are all almost impossible if you’re hungover. After a week of work and hassle we both just want to be with the dog/the couch.” –E.D.

A little bit of romance (and sushi)

The date night: Saturdays

How long they’ve been together: 4 months

The activity: “Yamarazu at 5 p.m. with two calamari salads and sushi, then a walk down the light rail trail holding hands.” -Leah K.

Long-distance rallying (and 9Round)

The date night: One weekend a month

How long they’ve been together: Since 2010

The activity: “Every time we see each other, without fail, on Saturday mornings we wake up and go work out at 9Round. After, we hit the grocery store to pick up items for us to cook lunch or dinner together and then we always go watch a sporting event — football, baseball, basketball, etc. Working out, cooking and sports are three of our favorite things to do together. By doing these things each time we see each other it allows us to remind each other why doing long distance is worth the work.” -Megan Downey

Random restaurant adventures

The date night: Fridays

How long they’ve been together: 9 months

The activity: “We have a running list of Charlotte restaurants or bars that we want to try. Each Friday we pick a random location off the list and try it out. I love looking forward to quality time, kicking off the weekend and trying a new local business together.” -Suzanne Jasmine

Taking turns with the game plan

The date night: Wednesdays

How long they’ve been together: 6 years

The activity: “Every other week, we are each responsible for planning date night. So, this week is me, next week is him, etc. We always do something new, whether it’s a picnic somewhere close, fishing at a nearby pond, going to see a show, dinner somewhere new, water balloons accompanied by takeout and drinks, game night at the house. It keeps it fun and fresh, and gives us a chance to surprise each other. We never know what the other one has planned. It’s usually a text with something like, ‘Be home by 5:30 and wear comfy clothes,’ and then we’re off for an adventure!” -Pam Abirached

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