Hop off the elliptical and put the dreadmill away! Lifting weights in front of the gym’s full length mirror? Be gone, too.

It’s time to get on your toes, body roll and booty pop your way to optimal fitness through dance. Here are a few classes that will have you feeling and looking better than ever, all while shaking your groove thing.

The best part? All fitness levels welcome.

Urban Cardio Dance

These local classes, led by C’Yo J Brown of Create Your Own Fitness, have a cult following. One woman’s video testimonial, found on the instructor’s YouTube page, shares that the class is not only good for her body but also her soul. So far, the woman has been attending the class since last year and lost 60 pounds.

The classes take place throughout Charlotte and infuse new school hip-hop, elements of jazz, African and Latin (contemporary and commercial) for a high-energy session.


FlyBarre Charlotte is a fun, high-intensity, low impact workout that quickly tones and strengthens muscles. You don’t have to be a tiny ballerina to fit in, just have a willingness to move, which, over time, results in a more sculpted frame.



Founded in 2016, THE JAM: CLT is a dance-inspired fitness company that prides itself on not being your great-aunt’s Zumba class. JAM stands for “just add music,” and their distinctive classes last between 60-90 minutes. The type of music can range anywhere from Frank Sinatra to Beyoncé!

Lotus Belly Dancing

An expressive dance focused on the torso, belly dancing not only helps with weight loss, but also relieves stress, improves posture, muscle toning and even digestion. Interested? You can find classes at Lotus Belly Dancing.

Open Door Studios

Looking for more of a classic dance class? Try a ballet, tap, contemporary, modern or some other dance class at Open Door Studios in Plaza Midwood, which caters to the beginner and the professional. You can drop-in or purchase a class pass.

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Arthur Murray

Did you know that fast ballroom dancing can burn up to 500 calories? Yes, according to Livestrong.com, you can foxtrot your way to fitness. Arthur Murray offers a wide variety of dance programs in their Charlotte and Lake Norman locations.

PoleFit Carolinas

PoleFit Carolinas combines getting fit with feeling sexy. Some of the class benefits include building confidence and rediscovering your sensuality, while getting a workout. The no-judgment zone encourages you to bring out your inner vixen in each class.

Photos: Saksham Gangwar