The biggest password mistakes we’re making right now, according to a cybersecurity expert

We just talked about keeping your online data and information safe with cybersecurity expert Daniel Argandona from Fortalice Solutions. He shares with Sallie and Alicia the biggest password mistakes you’re making, and three things you can do right now to keep your online data safer.

Whether you’re walking into work or walking into a building in Charlotte, there’s going to be some sort of WiFi connection. How safe are these connections?

“I think unfortunately that depends. It depends on how your employer has set up WiFi, the security configuration, firewall settings, etc. I think it’s always just good digital hygiene to make sure that you always have your cellphone settings set to where you’re not just walking around with your WiFi wide open. A lot of people don’t really think about that. It’s very easy for various individuals to get into digital devices and start to get into your social media profiles.”

Let’s talk about passwords. What would you say makes a good password? Are any passwords actually effective?

“Summer 2018 is probably not a good one…It’s always a good idea to have a password that is randomly generated. It’s good to have them be good and long, in terms of characters. There are plenty of different services out there that people can use to help strengthen their mobile devices…I would also recommend multi-factor authenticity on your personal device. You can just look up MFA. It’s a really good idea to have because it provides just another layer of security.”

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