NoDa’s newest retailer offers energy healing, tarot card readings—and magick

Photo by Alex Cason Photography
Curio Craft and Conjure co-owner Gina Spriggs

Have an upcoming court case? Want to make more money? Need help in the bedroom? The answer, according to NoDa’s newest retail shop owners, may lie in magick.

Tucked away up a set of narrow stairs in downtown NoDa is a new magick shop called Curio Craft and Conjure. (Note that the unusual spelling of “magick” is intended to distinguish it from entertainment magic.)

They opened in July with a bright blue sign on North Davidson Street, and co-owner Gianna Spriggs-Macdonald said people are just starting to discover it. Many new customers said they had always assumed there were apartments, not retailers, over the shops.

To visit, open the door between Custom Shop and Ruby’s Gifts and head upstairs, where you’ll be greeted by Spriggs-Macdonald, a modern-day medicine woman, and her mother, co-owner Gina Spriggs, an intuitive.

Photo by Alex Cason Photography
Curio Craft and Conjure co-owners Gianna Spriggs-Macdonald and Gina Spriggs

From there, the possibilities are endless. The shop owners honor magickal traditions throughout the world, Spriggs said. 

“I want to help people recognize they have power. Question authority, man,” said Spriggs. “It’s about opening that door to explore and create processes that are empowering to you.”

Photo by Alex Cason Photography

Each morning, Spriggs-Macdonald burns a special type of wood in the store to clear energy left from the previous day. She explained that every time a person comes into the space and has an interaction, there is an energy exchange and some gets left behind. After clearing the space, Spriggs-Macdonald then fills the room with a very clear intention.

She can also do this for people. For $30, an energy cleansing session will start with Spriggs-Macdonald saying simply: “‘Tell me what’s been going on.’”

“It’s a big enough hint to let me know what herbs to use,” she said, explaining that every person’s energy needs are different — roses are used for love, lavender for calm, sage for someone who is going through a lot. A room in the back of the shop offers natural light and a table for someone to rest during an energy healing session.

Photo by Alex Cason Photography
Curio Craft and Conjure has a healing room.

Spriggs also offers intuitive tarot readings. For $150, she blends intuitive and traditional methods. “She gives spot-on readings,” Spriggs-Macdonald said. “She did a reading on me when I was 16 and she knew the person I was going to marry had to do with plants. My wife’s last name translates into bouquet.”

“That’s my specialty, predicting the future,” Spriggs said. In fact, more than 11,000 people have taken her intuitive tarot courses on DailyOM.

Spriggs and Spriggs-Macdonald can create custom carved candles for $40, which begin by asking a customer their intention. Customers often are seeking money or love. “People sit at the bar and tell us their secrets,” Spriggs said. “It doesn’t leave the space.”

Carved into the candles are initials, zodiac signs, favorite animals. The candle is then dressed with small-batch oils that are created in-house, and then glitter is added to bring in the energy of the color. It’s then fumed with incense and customers are sent home with a booklet of homework, including cleansing their space at home and writing letters of intention.

Photo by Alex Cason Photography

Spriggs-Macdonald’s oils and waters can be worn as well. They come with names including Crown of Success, Blessing Oil, Curio Water, Court Case and Road Opener. Wear them before going to court, for success, for sex magick, Spriggs said.

The shop is also used for teaching, with books for sale and visiting authors offering lessons. Ultimately, the space is all about sharing energy, healing and learning.

“We don’t take the credit, we don’t take the blame,” Spriggs said. “If you win the lottery, we don’t want a cut. But if you don’t meet Mr. Right on Saturday, well maybe you just weren’t looking up at the right time.”

Photo by Alex Cason Photography

Spriggs said they feel at home in NoDa, with neighborhood shop owners referring their clients and also visiting as clients themselves. It really is the best neighborhood, she said.

LCRE Partners broker Chapman Chastain, who represents the landlord, said that one of their clients priorities when purchasing the building was to preserve the atmosphere of NoDa. We feel like we have done a great job in doing so, by leasing space to businesses like Curio. A lot of the tenants at the property offer an artistic service, whether it be through jewelry, tattooing, clothing, or featuring art in their space,” Chastain said. 

Curio fits into the tenant mix well by offering a different approach to wellness, inclusive of art. It has been great to see the business so well received by the neighborhood,” Chastain said.


  1. $30 for an energy cleansing?? If anyone wants to send me the cash I’ll do it for half that much and I PROMISE it will be just as effective.
    I mean, it won’t “cleanse” your energy because that concept is 100% made up nonsense. It will however separate you from your money, which is all these scam artists are going to be able to do for you.


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