First impressions are critical to dating and selling a home, don’t blow it [Partner]


House hunting and dating have a lot in common. You have an idea of what you want (in a partner or a house), but won’t know if it is right until you see what’s available. Just like a first date, a house has one chance to make a fantastic first impression with a prospective buyer. That’s a lot of pressure but also a huge opportunity for sellers. Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent Kimberly Young knows the tricks to putting your home’s best foot forward.

Knock, knock

The front door is the first thing buyers see when they come to check out your home (think first date outfit). Give the front door a fresh coat of paint with a color that evokes emotion. Light blues or greens give a sense of calm and harmony, pale yellows invoke happiness and deep blues, greens and reds feel chic and dramatic. Don’t forget to add new hardware and house numbers for a clean, updated look. For light colored doors, choose darker hardware such as oil rubbed bronze. For dark doors stick with lighter choices like polished nickel. We think you look great!

Simple symmetry

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye and will help potential buyers feel comfortable. An easy way to achieve balance is by adding two large planters to the front patio or on each side of the garage. For large patios, use wide plants like ferns to fill in the space. Use taller plants such as Arborvitae for smaller patios or when flanking the garage. This gives depth and character to the outside of your home (and really, who doesn’t find depth and character appealing?).


Color please

Add pizzazz to the front of your home with a flower box or garden or plant vegetation around the mailbox. Choose colorful, hardy plants such as cabbage and pansies in the winter and in the spring, summer and fall choose bright annuals such as begonias, marigolds, phlox or petunias. Use the color wheel to pick out flowers that complement each other. Seriously, everyone loves a compliment.

Fix up your fixtures

Replacing outdoor lights is an easy and a cost effective way to update the look of your home. If you don’t have the money to purchase new lights, spray paint the metal part of the fixture for an instant update.

Pressure wash

Pressure washing your walkway, brick patio or driveway creates a clean, fresh look. If your neighbors know you as the power washing guru, we say do it yourself. Otherwise hire a professional who can leave a streak-free shine. Looking for a fresh look before a date? We recommend the spa.

Clean windows

Windows can accumulate a lot of dirt and smudges and make your home look dark or dirty. Have your windows cleaned by professionals or wash them yourself. Either way, make sure to clean the inside and outside of your windows to bring the most light into your home.

Our number one tip of the day? Before you put your home on the market, give Kimberly a call. She knows how to save you money AND make your house look amazing and ready to sell quickly. We love it when a good plan, good people and good homes come together.


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