Connect and take part in the county-wide book club this March


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Want to bring more understanding and positive vibes to the Queen City without going broke or trying to squeeze more time into your already hectic day? The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s 2019 Community Read program is a free, convenient and powerful answer.

Community Read 2019 brings friends and neighbors together through reading with a book title selected for adults and teens, middle grades and young children and is presented by Bank of America with additional support from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation and Foundation For The Carolinas.

After you dive into the book that everyone will be reading this season, Community Read offers programs, discussions and meet the author events, where you can discuss the book, get to know people better, meet new friends and talk about common themes and issues.

Be part of this big project and get the good feels of helping the library make its dream come true of engaging 10% of the community—100,000 people— with 2019 Community Read.

Start here.

Step 1: Pick up or download the book

The first step to making a difference and coming together is easy! All you have to do is pick up or download the book. For adults and teens, the selected title is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas; for middle grades, it’s Wishtree by Katherine Applegate; and for young readers, it’s Love by Matt de la Pena. You can pick up your copy at a library branch near you or download a copy.

Step 2: Read the book, take part in a conversation

After you read the book, start talking about it with friends and neighbors. Then, go one step further and check out a Community Read program or community discussion. After all, when we all come together in meaningful ways we help each other understand different perspectives, build relationships and create a stronger community. Win, win.

All these good vibes are yours as part of the free 2019 Community Read. Need additional ideas for how to jump right in? They have those too!

Step 3: Get your book club or organization involved

Community Read 2019 is a great opportunity to bring people you know together to do something meaningful. Reach out to your book club peeps, family members, people you work with, running group, brunch pals or anyone else you’d like to share this moving experience with.

The library will give you everything you need with a kit that includes 10 copies of the book, discussion guides and other resources. Once you’ve read the book, let the library know about it so staffers can count you and your cool entourage toward their 100,000-people involvement goal.

Nothing goes better with the unpredictable month of March quite like a good book, powerful discussions and the opportunity to connect with your neighbors to make a real impact.

Ready, set, read!

Want to know more about the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library? Click here for more information.


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