Contest Alert: Win Two Tickets to The Charlotte Ballet if You “Asked First”


A rebellious princess who takes charge of her love life as she won’t settle for anything less than incredible (she eventually proposes to the love of her life), that is the premise of The Most Incredible Thing. Carolina Bride and Charlotte Ballet have partnered together to look for our own rebellious princess in our “I Asked First” contest. If you asked first (for his phone number, for the first date, or for him to marry you), we’d love to send you and a guest to see The Most Incredible Thing on Thursday, March 15.

To enter, leave your reply here or on one of our social media posts with “I Asked First”. We will select a winner, feature her story at a later date on our website and social media channels, and will give her two tickets to see The Most Incredible thing on March 15.

One of our favorite ballerinas and principal dancer with Charlotte Ballet, Sarah Hayes Harkins, has her own “I Asked First” story and we wanted to share it with you.

My husband, Payton Harkins, and I started dating in 2008. He’s not a dancer, but we did meet in Art School and he is a classical guitarist, music teacher, and in the Air Force Reserves.

We were engaged in 2013, but I think because I was so sure I wanted to marry him, I was actually pressuring him a bit by then. We were on our way back from visiting my parents in the North Carolina mountains and having a pretty basic/normal conversation when I suddenly broke down in tears. I couldn’t hold it in and started saying things along the lines of “are you ever going to propose?” and “I feel like we’ve been ready for so long, what are you waiting for?”  It was overly dramatic, but, oh well. He said to me “can you relax, please… I asked for your Dad’s permission yesterday.” That shut me up real quick, but I like to say, I asked first.

We were married in 2014 when we both were 24 years young.

Sarah has been dancing with the Charlotte Ballet for 10 years and you can see her perform in The Most Incredible Thing.



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