Give back without even leaving the house with the #CLTstayshome campaign


This post is brought to you in partnership with Crisis Assistance Ministry. All opinions are our own. 

Crisis Assistance Ministry is inviting you to give back through their non-event campaign, #CLTstayshome, by actually staying home— so that struggling families and neighbors in the Charlotte area can do the same.

Crisis Assistance Ministry is an organization that helps families in financial crisis by providing emergency rent and utility assistance, clothing, household goods, furniture and more.

This year, in order to raise funds for this all-important mission, Crisis Assistance Ministry decided to skip the fancy gala — instead, they want you to consider making a direct contribution to help your neighbors struggling with basic needs right here in Charlotte.

How can staying home and donating make a difference, you ask? Well, $500 in contributions can resolve a family’s immediate financial emergency, $250 can keep their power on, a $100 donation keeps the water flowing, and $50 can provide basic necessities like clothes, household goods and a bed.

Padlocked out of their home, Jaida and Brianna thought they were camping as their parents carefully created a “bed” of blankets in the back seat of their car and took turns sitting “watch” through the hot summer nights. They didn’t know that people like you were willing to help families avoid homelessness until someone told them about Crisis Assistance Ministry. Because of you, an emergency payment directly to their landlord got them safely back in their apartment where Jaida is already planning for her first day of kindergarten. Their family is just one of 200 who seek help here each day. Your help will enable more families to stay in their homes with basics like lights, heating & cooling, and running water in the months ahead. Will you stay home so families like theirs can stay in their homes too? (Link in bio) #cltstayshome

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Which means that your donation of any amount can help to provide the essentials for people to live with dignity.

Looking for a few fun, easy ways to get involved in the #CLTstayshome campaign all summer long? Crisis Assistance Ministry has a few ideas of how to keep the good times going at home!

Host a movie night

Back to the 80s? Sci-fi adventures? Whatever makes your inner movie critic smile is okay by us. Watch flicks indoors and live in the no-judgement zone — all the buttered popcorn and candy you can eat!

When you click the TV off and head to bed, you can have sweet dreams knowing that the donation you made from the comfort of your own home helps others to also have a comfortable place to get some shut-eye at the end of a long day.

Play games

A few rounds of Monopoly, Life or Battleship and you’ll be asking yourself “Why don’t we do this more often?” Have the crew bring their favorite games and move from challenge to challenge for the chance to dominate!

No worries — win or lose, when you donate to Crisis Assistance Ministry, you’re a superhero to members of the community who need it most.

Have a cooking competition

Challenge yourself and your friends to whip up an edible dish using only four ingredients you already have in your kitchen (no grocery shopping allowed). Ask an impartial friend to judge each dish on presentation, taste and creativity.

Donate the money you save on grocery shopping to Crisis Assistance Ministry to help others afford food and other household items.

Your night of fun, paired with a donation, helps other families move towards financial stability and a better life.

Patricia has been through so many trials and tribulations in her just-under-50-year lifespan. Already a cancer survivor, she had a stroke at 40 and fought her way back to health over the past six years. A mother of three, her oldest son requires frequent therapy and medication for autism-related symptoms. She’s learned to fight for the resources he needs to help him succeed. She thought things were looking up when they relocated to Charlotte with a friend. Lower expenses, more resources for the children, and a promised new job made her optimistic. Then, the job fell through and her friend walked away, leaving Patricia to manage everything alone. She’s looking for work every day. When her power and water were about to be disconnected, a neighbor told her she might find help at Crisis Assistance Ministry. Thanks to support from people like you, a caseworker was able to step in with emergency payments directly to Patricia’s water and power companies. With the immediate emergency resolved, Patricia was also able to select shoes and other essentials for the children free-of-charge, visit a benefits assessment counselor to learn about GED completion options, and arrange to pick up beds to get her children off the floor in their still spartan apartment. Because of you, things are looking up for Patricia and her family. “I know it will get better,” she says. “Knowing you can reach out and get the help you need, it’s just beautiful. That’s all I can say. You changed my life today. Thank you.”

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Get involved with the #CLTstayshome campaign

Enjoy a night at home AND show the world how you do good! Click to donate to Crisis Assistance Ministry, then snap a picture or take a short video of your awesome stay-at-home activities and post to #CLTstayshome on Instagram or Facebook.

Want to learn more about Crisis Assistance Ministry? Click here for more information.




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