If you’re traveling to NC, here’s one thing you can count on: clean hotels, rankings show

North Carolina ranks in the top five for states with the most “AAA Inspectors Best of Housekeeping Hotels.

If you’re visiting North Carolina, you could face hot weather, venomous snakes or even odd things washing up on the beaches.

But one thing you won’t have to worry about, according to new rankings from AAA, is a dirty hotel room.

North Carolina ranks in the top five states with the most “AAA Inspectors Best of Housekeeping Hotels,” according to the organization.

Those hotels received the “highest possible cleanliness and condition scores” among AAA’s list of 27,000 “inspected and approved hotels” and are in the top 25 percent of the list, AAA said in a news release.

North Carolina had 458 hotels that fell into the top category, ranking it fourth behind California, Florida and Texas, AAA said.

Charlotte had 69 hotels that earned a top score, ranking it fifth for cities across the country behind New York, Houston, Washington, D.C. and Orlando.

The hotels that made it into the top category had to have shown “housekeeping excellence” for two “comprehensive, on-site” inspections in a row and had no complaints from AAA members, the organization said.

“All areas of the property must reflect this very high standard as AAA inspectors review for evidence of dirt, dust, pests, equipment performance and more,” AAA said.

The current rankings are as of July 19.

AAA offers travel, automotive, insurance and financial services to its members.

This article first appeared in the Charlotte Observer.


  1. Per the article, “Charlotte had 69 hotels that earned a top score,” but the AAA report says 68.

    Minor factual details aside, the larger question is, What is the value of this AAA report? If you look at the list of the top 10 states with the highest quantity of “best of” hotels, it closely overlaps the states with the 10 largest populations. Naturally, states with large populations will have more hotels and thus will presumably have a higher quantity of hotels considered good, but they likely also have plenty of bad hotels too. I would wager that if AAA also published a list of the 10 states with the highest quantity “worst of” hotel, it would likely be the same 10 states.

    More informative would be a study showing the percentage of hotels considered best relative to the actual number of hotels. The list of cities might give a hint, at least. In the top 10 city list, notably absent are Las Vegas, Chicago, and Miami. (Of course, the study is based on a quantity of hotels, not hotel rooms, so perhaps somewhere like Vegas misses the list because a giant hotel with thousands of rooms still counts as just 1 hotel.) Notably present on the list are cities smaller than Charlotte, such as Nashville and Austin.

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