Peek inside the swoon-worthy closets of 3 of the city’s most chic women: Part II


This is Part II of our three-part closet series. Read Part I here. Tune in next Friday, March 16, for Part III.

Three Charlotte women let us inside their closets—and sartorial sensibilities—to show that it’s possible for one of the most overlooked rooms of the home to also be one of the most glamorous.

Whitley Adkins Hamlin

When wardrobe stylist Whitley Adkins Hamlin of the Queen City Style moved into her SouthPark home last year, the sitting room off the master bedroom was begging for a reinvention.

Thanks to a rolling rack and a bust, the room had been a creative space meets repository for everything from Hamlin’s personal wardrobe to clothes and accessories she’d pulled for photo shoots. But she wanted it to be more chic, more intentional, more like her personal style: “a little bit bohemian, a little bit glam…and very sentimental,” says Hamlin, 40.

So she enlisted the help of her friend and neighbor, interior designer Ashley DeLapp (

“I told Ashley, ‘Instead of a walk-in closet, I want it to be like a boutique, a personal boutique-style dressing room,’” she says.

So the pair set about morphing the 100-square-foot space into a room with high-gloss deep blue walls, Lucite rods with gold detailing, and lush furnishings that complement the clothing without competing. The result: a haven where creative inspiration and show-stopping glamour go hand in hand.

Hamlin knew she wanted dark walls in a high-gloss finish. So when DeLapp showed her the deep blue of Inkwell by Sherwin-Williams, she knew it would be the perfect complement to the fuchsia ottoman—purchased secondhand from Dressing Room Interiors—and the antelope rug, sourced by DeLapp.

Hamlin is a fan of vintage clothing, distinctive pieces, and items with a story. Take her fox fur coat. She’d seen it at Douglas Montaldo’s Furs and pulled it for a photo shoot; its Carolina-blue hue (Hamlin’s a Tar Heel) was an added bonus. A week later Hamlin bought it herself, and now it’s always a talking point—whether she’s donning it at a gala or school reading day for her sons, Hank, 9, and Worth, 6.

“If it’s normal, run of the mill, it’s not going to work for me,” she says. “I’m drawn to show-stoppers.”

Among Hamlin’s style (and career) muses are her grandmother, Nana, and great-grandmother, Willa—both former stylists and buyers for an upscale luxury boutique. So it just seemed right to add Nana’s vanity and writing desk to the dressing room.

“I remember what drawer she had her brooches in, her scarves, her perfume,” says Hamlin. “And I basically have it organized the same way, down to covering it with pictures and mementos.”

One of the mother of two’s favorite touches: a grocery list her eldest son, Hank, wrote when he was in kindergarten.

This story first ran in SouthPark Magazine.

Photos by Erica Mark Photography


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