This Mountain-Top Engagement Shoot is Simply Stunning [Charmi & Sam]


BlueSky by Cass Bradley 

When most people reminisce about their college years, they remember the loud cheers from the football stadium, the smell of coffee that stained the air during exam week, the late-night binge eating with friends. As for me, I reminisce about meeting the girl I’ll have the honor of spending the rest of my life with.

Charmi and I met at Purdue University, where we both were building the foundations for careers in medicine. We crossed paths as members of an award-winning competitive dance team. I never really believed in “being at the right place at the right time” before all of this, but now my thoughts have changed. Charmi first met my parents at our family house in West Jefferson, N.C. That was a huge step, and afterward, we got more serious.

After five years of dating, I casually brought up the idea of getting married to Charmi. After her first reaction (“It’s about time!”), she was supportive and excited about this new chapter in our lives. In our culture, the process of getting married is different. Rather than a big proposal, one of the most important aspects of moving forward is having our families’ blessings. So we arranged for both families to spend Christmas together last year.

Like most Christmas mornings, we all woke with smiles and curiosity, wondering about what gifts were under the tree. But this time the main focus was on Charmi and me. With the support of our family, we’re now building on that foundation we laid years ago in college—the foundation for the future Mr. and Mrs. Patel. —As told by Sam

Charmi and Sam will be married September 3, 2017.


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