Charlotte’s Top Dining Destinations: Pizzeria Omaggio


The Chef: Daniel Siragusa

Daniel Siragusa has been in the restaurant industry since he could walk, growing up inside of his father’s restaurants. Siragusa never received any culinary training; he learned from his father. Items on his menu, such as soups and appetizers, were dishes that his mother made for him while growing up and he believes there is no culinary teacher better than she.

After running his father’s restaurants from his 20s, he felt like it was time to branch out on his own and with his experience, being in the culinary business was the most natural thing. Pizzeria Omaggio opened August 18, 2015, serving Roman style pizza and other authentic Italian food dishes. The restaurant boasts its dishes having 100 percent Italian roots, with influences coming from various regions of Italy. Even though Pizzeria Omaggio hasn’t been open long, its reputation is already reputable, and Siragusa plans to keep the quality as consistent as it’s been so far. Once the feedback is very close to perfect, then and only then, will there be talk for a second restaurant location.


The Look: Modern Classic

Inspired by modern restaurants and cafes in Europe, Pizzeria Omaggio has what it calls a casual chic atmosphere. Even though many Italian restaurants tend to lean more towards a traditional Italian “casa” style interior, Pizzeria Omaggio wanted to create a fresh, modern look by introducing clean finished lines, soft colors and natural materials. During the day, natural light is taken advantage of by keeping the store windows open and clear. When night comes, real candles are placed on each table to create the same kind of romantic, cozy atmosphere that can be seen all throughout the streets in Italy.

The patio is spacious, and at night, the lights of Charlotte’s skyline make the entire dining experience even more special. By striving to build long-lasting, friendly relationships with its customers and creating a space that makes guests comfortable and at ease, Pizzeria Omaggio hopes its customers will want to make Pizzeria Omaggio a new tradition and destination spot for Italian specialties.

The Dish: Regina Margherita Pizza

Since day one, the Regina Margherita Pizza has been the most popular pizza to be ordered at Pizzeria Omaggio, as well as the dish for which they are best known. Where many places fall short on the basics of this pizza, Pizzeria Omaggio shines. With a light, airy thin dough, this pizza is topped with a base of high quality tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella, baked until golden brown, and finally topped with fresh basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil as garnish; the pizza comes in a personal size, about 10-11 inches. Due to it being such a classic dish in Italy, Pizzeria Omaggio says its establishment would never dare modify the recipe; they feel it would be disrespectful to the craft and the history of the pizza.


Pizzeria Omaggio: 1055 Metropolitan Ave., Charlotte.


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