Who: Johnny Wakefield is the founder and editor of Soccer ‘n’ Sweet Tea, a website devoted to everything soccer in the Carolinas, and host of the Soccer ‘n’ Sweet Tea Weekly podcast (which I’ve been a guest on). He’s also a K880 Emerging City Champions grant winner, so he’s spent a lot of time thinking about how to make Charlotte a better city. And, in a column this week, he argued that bringing a Major League Soccer team to Charlotte would be good for the city, county and everyone.

Johnny Wakefield

He joined this week’s CharlotteFive Podcast to talk about soccer in Charlotte and the MLS bid.

What: Earlier this year Marcus Smith of Speedway Motorsports submitted a bid for an MLS expansion team that would play at a renovated Memorial Stadium in Elizabeth. In the bid, the city and county would each pay part of the stadium cost (about $40 million each) and the Smiths would repay a loan to the county to the tune of $4.25 million for 25 years in addition to chipping in $12.5 million initially.

The county approved its part of the funding earlier this year, but the city decided not to consider it at the time, but are expected to discuss its share of the funding at the end of the month.

It’s a lot of public money, and Charlotte has a lot of other needs to address, but Wakefield argues that sports teams are civic assets worth supporting.

Twelve cities (including Raleigh) submitted bids for the two expansion teams that will be announced by the end of the year. MLS officials are scheduled to visit Charlotte next week.

Anything else?

– Wakefield also talked about the history of soccer in Charlotte, and whether the city has shown it can support an MLS team. (The photo at the top of this post is from a Carolina Lightnin’ — yes, Lightnin’ — match in 1981.)

– We also had him predict whether Charlotte, Raleigh or neither will actually land an MLS team in this round of expansion.

– Sallie and I talked about the many benefits of the “brunch bill” that passed the N.C. legislature.

– And Sallie gave us the inside info on two new restaurants opening up this week.

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  1. I wish that C5 would stop posting all of these pro-soccer articles. A billionaire is putting his hand out for free money to build the proposed soccer stadium. This same scenario has played out with various professional sports teams across many decades and in several American cities. The results are always the same: the rich dude asking for welfare gets richer while taxpayers are stuck with the bill (and no, it does not improve the economy)I would like to ask how the taxpayers benefit — we still have to buy tickets if we want to attend games (and that’s assuming we want to).

    • I would benefit because I would get to watch and support our city’s major league soccer team 😛 Also tourism $$$ is always nice for local businesses. Either way, though, we need to do SOMETHING with Memorial stadium. it is falling apart and not being used the way it should.