The CharlotteFive Awards | Part 5: Shopping

Anyone who's been to SouthPark Mall on a Saturday knows that shopping can be a full contact sport. And while we don't recommend shopping until you literally drop, we think you'll see this week's ballot is filled with some must-visit retail. Our advice? Gear up at one of the great outdoor shop options and then head over to to find our favorite ways to get active in Charlotte.


Welcome to the inaugural CharlotteFive Awards!

Over 12 weeks, we’ll be asking for your votes in a variety of categories — from breweries to food to shopping to entertainment — to learn about C5ers’ favorite Charlotte things.

Grab your wallets, because this week we’re going shopping. Share your thoughts on Charlotte’s best boutiques, pop-up markets, thrift shops and more. Now try to get this song out of your head. (Unedited version warning: Pop some headphones in if you’re at the office.)

Here’s how it will work:

– Each Wednesday, we’ll open the ballot for a category and have 5-10 subcategories. The ballot will close in exactly one week, when the next ballot comes out.

– Fill out the form below to lock in your votes. For each subcategory, we picked about 5 nominees, but there is a write-in option for each one if you think we missed something. (We probably did.)

Only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will not be counted.

– The CharlotteFive Awards will culminate in a huge party, where we’ll celebrate all things Charlotte. (Details on that to come later.)

Ready? Here’s the ballot. (If the form below isn’t displaying correctly for you, click here.) And check back next week for the next category!

Photo: David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer



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