With passions for both real estate and the city of Charlotte, Queen City native Lori Parrish decided to open a co-working office space at the corner of Randolph Road and Laurel Avenue. Opening July 1, Bijou Workspace LLC will join the ranks of the dozen or so co-working spaces already operating in Charlotte.

Located in an office building, this is not your typical work space. Why? It also welcomes your canine friends from home, but only up to 15 pounds.

Plus, Parrish furnished the entire boutique office herself. She gave each room eclectic, homey and cozy touches, and made sure to have a basket filled with dog toys in the reception room.

Dog toys in reception room.
Reception room.

Bijou Workspace will be able to fit about 20-30 people in its 2,000-square-foot space and has 60 spaces for virtual addresses. However, Parrish plans to expand into the rest of the offices in her building to cover about 5,000 square feet.

What Parrish refers to as her “Modern Room.”
What Parrish refers to as her “Pottery Barn Room.”

The name of the co-working office represents the feel of the office as a whole, with “bijou” meaning small and elegant.

As for the logo, Parrish’s Shih Tzu Duke was its inspiration.

People can start signing up today to register for a membership, whether it be part-time with one conference room credit per month ($250/month), have their own full-time set up with four conference room credits per month ($500/month), sign up for a virtual address ($75/year) or be a conference room member and rent out meetings in the conference room ($160/month).

Amenities include free parking, internet access, copying/printing/scanning, beverages like coffee, tea and water and, of course, the ability to bring in your small dog.

Conference room with map of Charlotte.

You can check out Bijou Workspace’s website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages for more information.

Bijou Workspace
2315 Randolph Rd.

Photos: Colby Alvino