Charlotte police chief to retire: 7 fascinating facts about Rodney Monroe


Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe announced Monday he will retire July 1. Monroe came to Charlotte in 2008 after serving as Richmond’s police chief.

Here are 7 things you may not know about our chief:

(1) Breaking barriers: Monroe was Charlotte’s first black police chief.

(2) Getting the job done: Under his leadership, Charlotte last year saw a historic low in homicides – 42. (Records go back to 1977.)

(3) Once a cop …: As a kid, he always dreamt of being a cop. When he was 16, he even signed up for a ride-along and still remembers every detail. And yes, he loves police TV shows.

(4) Fueled by personal tragedy: In 2002, his only sibling – sister Eleanor – was beaten to death in a suburban Washington D.C. home. Police say her boyfriend killed her in a domestic dispute. Monroe has said it’s one of the main reasons he has a low tolerance for domestic abuse.

(5) Back to school: He received his bachelor’s degree at age 50 from Virginia Commonwealth University. Whistleblowers claimed the degree was improperly awarded, two investigations concurred, but Monroe was not found personally at fault and was awarded the degree. He later got a degree in criminal justice from the University of Phoenix.

(6) If he’s not in uniform: Monroe relaxes on the golf course. He’s played the Wells Fargo Championship pro-am several times, once with Stephen and Dell Curry, another time with NASCAR’s Michael Waltrip.

(7) He’s smooth: Monroe was the Best Male in the 2012 YMCA Ballroom Battle.

Photo: Mark Hames/Charlotte Observer

jenpic5Jen Rothacker is Innovations Editor for the Charlotte Observer. Follow her on Twitter @JenRothacker


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