Charlotte Oktoberfest: A Tradition of Giving Back [Partner]


Tickets to the 18th Charlotte Oktoberfest are slated to go on sale this Tuesday, July 11th. Though Charlotte is known for its beer festivals, the Charlotte Oktoberfest is a cut above. It’s one of the oldest and most frequented beer festivals around, and it is interwoven with ties to the local community. 2001 was the first year that the festival was able to cover its costs and make a donation to local charities, and since then the Charlotte Oktoberfest has donated over $615,000.

Celebrants at the Charlotte Oktoberfest can rest assured that their money goes to good causes selected each year. This year, the festival is donating proceeds to Charlotte Family Housing, a local charity designed to promote self-sufficiency to local homeless families of both the single-parent and two-parent varieties. Charlotte Family Housing, using funds donated by Charlotte Oktoberfest, provides shelter, housing, advocacy and support services to these families. Additionally, Charlotte Oktoberfest is donating part of this year’s proceeds to On Eagles Wings, which is a charity whose Founder/Executive Director has won awards from the FBI for the organization’s work on the prevention of human trafficking as well as outreach, aftercare and empowerment of victims.

Charlotte Oktoberfest will also be donating to the local RescuedMe organization. RescuedMe is an animal rescue with a mission of providing education and prevention services for animal abandonment as well as offering fostering programs and adoption events to animals in need. The charity works hard to rescue abandoned animals from kill shelters and is one of the few animal rescue organizations in Charlotte that is not breed-specific.

The community ties of Charlotte Oktoberfest do not end in its long history of donations to local charities, however. The event is spearheaded by Carolina BrewMasters. One of the largest homebrew clubs in the region, members of Carolina BrewMasters organize and run the festival as volunteers. At its very core, Charlotte Oktoberfest is a locally run event designed to showcase the region’s best beers while giving back to the local community.

Beer aficionados can purchase tickets on the festival’s website Tuesday, July 11th at 11:00 a.m. For those who want to help the event, Charlotte Oktoberfest has applications open for volunteers, breweries and sponsors.


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