Ready to build your dream home? Let’s talk new construction. [Partner]


Building a home from the ground up can be both frustrating and rewarding. But in the end you come home to a place uniquely your own in a neighborhood you love. So where  should a homebuyer start looking for new construction in the Queen City? We talked with Jason Bridges from Savvy + Co. Real Estate about the ups and downs of new construction. Here’s what you need to know.

C5: What are the new construction trends in Charlotte?
JB: Townhouse and single-family new construction with open floor plans are really hot right now. Check out Wesley Heights and Seversville areas. They have a few small construction condo developments that could be perfect for you.

C5: So where should we build?
JB: There are a few infill developments in and around uptown Charlotte. Visit Villa Heights, Biddleville, Seversville, Country Club Heights, Wesley Heights, Cotswold, Bryant Park and Berewick. A lot of development is being done by smaller builders so you might not see ads or buildboards anymore. Sometimes these builders wait to list homes when they are almost finished, or some sell before officially going on the market.

C5: What is your advice for buyers interested in new construction?
JB: First, find a real estate agent experienced in new construction sales. The process is longer and can be more complicated than purchasing an existing property. Also, do your research and make sure the builder you choose is experienced. If you have a few builders in mind, visit their current projects and check out their work.

C5: What about pitfalls when it comes to new construction?
JB: Potential owners should be careful about going overboard on upgrades. This can lead to a higher price and more money out of pocket. It could also affect appraisal value. Also, see if the home comes with a warranty.

C5: Talk about new construction prices.
JB: Price will be determined by amenities, the size of home and location, location, location!

C5: What should potential homebuyers expect?
JB: It is important to keep in mind the construction process can be frustrating at times – so patience is key. Prepare yourself for delays. You can work with your agent to find a home inspector to inspect the home during the construction phase (before sheet rock) and after it is complete. Once your new home is nearing the final stages of completion, your agent should be available to do walkthroughs, blue tape inspections and answer any questions before the closing.

C5: Any final advice for homebuyers who want to build a home?
JB: My best advice would be to work with an agent familiar with new construction. Many builders use their own contracts, so it is imperative for you to understand all the details. Also, most deposits on new construction are non-refundable. Your agent should explain all these important details to you upfront.

“After it’s all said and done, it is by far one of the most enjoyable moments to sit back and admire your very own work of art,” says Jason. Want to learn more or ready to start realizing your dream? Contact Jason Bridges today, he can help you get there.



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