6 Charlotte-inspired Halloween costumes, from the adult Capri Sun to the Jesus Saves Guy

Courtesy of Queen City Weekend

T-minus four weeks until Halloween! Let’s get into some Charlotte-inspired costumes.

The adult Capri Sun

These drinks were all the rage this summer — you could find variations of them at The Rosemont and at Greystone Pub, for starters. The Rosemont actually has a pink version this month to support breast cancer awareness.

For the costume: Take a giant clear plastic trash bag, cut leg holes in it, and fill that bag with green leaves (“garnishes”) and yellow sheets of construction paper (“mixed drink”). Don’t forget to dress in a blue onesie, since of course, you are the straw.

The Jesus Saves Guy

If you’ve never interacted with Sam Bethea then have you really spent any time in Uptown Charlotte? He stands at the intersection of Trade and Tryon Streets belting out a rotation of messages as he preaches the gospel (his lungs must be made of steel).

For the costume: Grab some gray cargo pants, a charcoal-colored t-shirt with JESUS written in white lettering, and a black or blue hat with JESUS written in gold, surrounded by a gold fish outline. Add a red backpack and don’t forget to shout the occasional, “Jeeeee-sus saves! Jeeeee-sus saves!”

Photo by Amanada Foster, WBTV

The stereotypical Charlotte Millennial

This one’s easy.

For the costume: Throw on a button-down and khakis or an old sorority shirt and leggings, tuck a six-pack of fall-inspired craft beer into that backpack you take to work, activate a Bird scooter and be on your way. (Oh, and here’s how to actually use that scooter.)

Bird Scooter, photo by CharlotteFive

David Tepper

Who doesn’t want to dress like a hedge fund billionaire slash Carolina Panthers owner?

For the costume: A black, short-sleeved collared shirt, a pair of glasses, a Panthers cap and black pants are what you need here.

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper. Photo by Don Wright/AP

The Crescent Novel Stonewall Station mural

You have to get a little crafty for this one.

For the costume: Get a cheap blue rain poncho and cut out some green and yellow construction-paper zig-zags. Tape them to yourself. Anyone who regularly commutes to Uptown via South Boulevard (or to Panthers games) should be able to spot your genius.

Photo by Alex Cason

A Panthers player or a Hornets player

We get it, Halloween is on a Wednesday this year and you’re tired from work and cocktails.

For the costume: Just put on a home team jersey and call it a day.

Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer


  1. Regarding Halloween Costumes and the Jesus Saves Guy:
    If you think he’s a bit “off in the head” and you mock him-Shame on you!
    If his preaching is his way of messaging his belief in God (and no one knows what’s in this man’s heart), and you mock him – Shame on you!


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