What Charlotte’s energy looks like, according to an intuitive


In case you were wondering, yes, you can open your inner gateway to your spiritual gifts while sitting on a couch in the waiting room of a hair salon. I did. Or at least, I think I did.

I met Cyndi Dale of Minneapolis on Friday, right after she got her hair done and before leading a weekend workshop in Charlotte called “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts with Cyndi Dale: Navigating the Forces of Essential Energy Workshop.” (If you’re into this type of experience, Dale will be back in March 2017.)

Sara Thornton, co-owner at Poza Salon, had just tamed Dale’s locks. Dale is an intuitive, which is similar to a psychic — she can receive subconscious information to help guide her own day-to-day life as well as that of others.

“Energy has all of the sudden just exploded,” said Dale, who became an intuitive author about 20 years ago. “When I started it was sort of sketchy, weird, odd.”

As for why energy work has become more relevant to people now, she said, “It’s ancient, it’s mystical, it’s knowledge. I think people are looking deeper into their personal roots but also into cultural and collective roots.”

She added that people are becoming more open to acknowledging a greater self when seeking ways to treat mental and physical conditions, as well as to address challenges.

Sara Thornton and Cyndi Dale
Sara Thornton and Cyndi Dale

Can an intuitive sense whether a city has its own energy? Dale said yes, and she could read it according to colors. She said the energy type of a city is derived from the history of the land and the populations that have been here — it’s not just dependent on who is here now. What she said she saw here:

– A lot of orange energy in the form of emotion that was a little guarded and pertained to people’s business lives.

– Yellow energy, indicating structure or an attempt to be orderly and rule-bound.

– White emotional energy, signifying spiritual energy, whether that means religious expression or exploring belief systems and figuring out who God is and what God wants us to be.

– Red energy, which indicates money and primal needs. On this note, Dale said this means we probably will continue to have a successful community. (This color made me laugh to myself — it screams “Bank of America logo.”)


But back to me sitting on a salon couch and learning how a person can activate his or her spiritual gifts in two minutes. Dale said there are 12 main gifts that she organized into four basic categories for this workshop: physical empathy, spiritual empathy, verbal empathy and visual empathy.

“Everybody has at least one,” she said. “Everybody’s intuitive.”

One technique she uses is Spirit to Spirit, a way of affirming the best in yourself and others while bringing in a higher power to do everything for you. This can be used in daily life, for example before a business meeting when you need guidance.

How it works:

(1) In your mind, affirm your own spirit, your best self/essence.

(2) Affirm other spirits — acknowledge that there’s invisible help.

(3) Affirm whatever word(s) you want to use for the greater spirit (higher self, God, etc.). This is the force that will bring you what you need to know.

(4) Now, turn yourself over to the greater spirit, take a couple deep breaths, relax, see if you get any sense or feeling or message about what your question is. Let your question come up. Now you are open to finding the answer — in a few minutes, in a few days, or longer.

That answer could come as a sign. Dale practiced Spirit to Spirit the morning I spoke with her, when she was tired from travel and hadn’t slept well. The question that came up for her was: What do I need today?

She went out to her rental car and saw the word “COFFEE” on her license plate.


She opted for tea.

Photos: Katie Toussaint, Sara Thornton


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