Did you know you can get food truck fare at the Charlotte airport? Here’s how

Repicci's Real Italian Food Truck at Charlotte Douglas International Airport overlook. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Have you resigned to Google searches for date night ideas? Are the kids getting stir crazy with PB&Js in the backyard? Or are you just looking for some me time? Surprisingly, there’s an answer for all these problems and it’s not where you’d expect.

Under a new pilot program, two spots at Charlotte Douglas International Airport are hosting a rotating assortment of food trucks from Cousins Maine Lobster to King of Pops CLT to Whatza Spiedie. The food trucks set up at the defunct Douglas Municipal Airport (now a site referred to as “The Old Terminal”) as well as at the Overlook on Old Dowd Road.

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The pilot program began last year and functions to serve park goers, airport employees, and rideshare drivers who work the area. While both locations are open to the public, the Overlook is designed to be a place to park your car, sit, and enjoy a panoramic view of the Charlotte airfield. And with 1,400 daily departures and landings, it’s a sight to see. The precision and coordination involved is a cinematic experience in itself.

Now there’s dinner to go with your show.

Three ideas for checking out the new airport food truck scene at the Overlook:

– Bring the kids for icy treats and airplanes. C’mon, statistically I think it’s impossible for children to not love at least one of these things. When King of Pops, Polar Snoballs, Repicci’s Italian Ice, or Emergensweets is on the schedule, bring little Josie or Johnny to enjoy a frozen snack and stand in awe of modern aviation—or at least become a sticky mess while staring at the ‘Planes that go ‘vroom!’’ Bring wet naps. 

– Surprise your sweetheart with a midweek sunset picnic. Arrive by 6:30 p.m. to have plenty of time to order and get your Instagram thumb ready before sundown. Share My Sausage Buddy’s chicken and waffle European style sausage served wrapped in a waffle with Sriracha maple syrup and strawberries ($6). Or, split an Italian hoagie from TOLA Rose Italian Eats, recently opened in April of this year by Boston transplants Tony and Laurie Lomuscio. Eat at the provided picnic areas or park benches. Better yet, stay in your car, crank the AC, and wrap yourselves up in a blanket because I’m pretty sure that’s cute as hell.

Tola-Rose Italian Eats food truck at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Courtesy of Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

– Go by yourself. Pick out your favorite food truck offering, like Whatza Spiedie’s grilled chicken or pork (half sub for $6) or Cousins Maine Lobster’s luxurious Maine lobster roll ($16.95), and plan your time alone. Feeling stressed? Wait for a plane to fly overhead and scream to your heart’s desire (“Serenity now!”). Now, don’t you feel better?

According to Director of Communications at Charlotte Douglas International Lee Davis, in 2019 the airport is looking to possibly include a greater selection of food trucks.

Which ones do they plan to include?

The airport will begin accepting vendor applications in the spring for additional vendors, says Davis.

The Old Terminal site is located at 4700 Yorkmont Road and the Overlook is at 4355 Airport Overlook Drive. Food trucks at the Old Terminal serve Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and at the Overlook on Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. through November. Additional hours at the Overlook will be added in 2019. Food trucks will not be scheduled throughout the winter, but will be back onsite for business in the spring.

Check the airport’s webpage for updates on food truck schedules.


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