Celebrate Friday nights at Camp North End starting tonight


In case you still don’t know what Camp North End is, it’s a 75-acre site ATCO Properties & Management is developing north of Uptown. It’s served as storage for military supplies, as a Ford factory location and as a Rite-Aid facility.

And in case you still don’t have plans tonight, a new casual event series called “Friday nights at Camp North End” commences at 5 p.m.

To facilitate the re-imagining of this historic industrial site as a creative hub in North End, anyone and everyone is invited to gather in the Boileryard every Friday night now through the end of October. From 5-9 p.m.-ish, visitors can expect live music, plus food and drinks available for purchase. Oh, and “a few surprises.”

A clue from Camp North End Community Manager Varian Shrum about those surprises: “As the weeks go on I want to incorporate unexpected arts and cultural elements beyond the staples of food and music.”


For the inaugural event, the vendors on site will be: Chilaka Taco Lab, Birdsong Brewing Co. and Golden Cow Creamery, with live music by new hires.

“Our goal is to create a welcoming place that invites people to relax with friends and neighbors, but also sparks curiosity, deeper conversations and new connections,” Shrum said. “Above all, I hope visitors will be inspired by the historic buildings and let their imaginations run wild with possibilities.”

Get there

Enter “1830 Statesville Ave.” into your GPS and, upon arrival, park under the water tower.

Now go, make friends. Run wild.

Photos: CharlotteFive Staff


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