7 local couples share their worst (romantic) travel snafus, from roofies to rogue waves

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Traveling with your significant other, whether on your honeymoon or a weekend away, can be magical… or it can be a nightmare. We asked local women to tell us their best/worst travel experience with their significant other. Some were funny and some were painful. Take note from these stories when planning your next getaway. And above all else, don’t leave your passport on the plane!

The one with the weight loss

“Our honeymoon was in Punta Cana, which was my idea. When we arrived, the hotel couldn’t find our reservation. The only room they had available (had) two twin beds, which we pushed together. That was only the beginning. I absentmindedly swallowed the water while in the shower and I got sick. Joshua, my husband and perpetual picky eater, barely ate anything the whole trip and lost 15 pounds in five days. This weight loss caused his wedding ring to fall off in the ocean on our last day. Thank God he felt it slip off and found it. Lesson learned was I should have listened to his suggestions for honeymoons. – Miranda Miller

The one with the horrible hike

“My husband surprised me with a trip to California when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I had been extremely sick and was just starting to get over the nausea. He really wanted to take me to Yosemite, so we decided to take a day trip there. We spent most of the day in the park trying to figure out the best place to view the sunset. Basically there were two places to go for the best views. One was very popular and extremely crowded, but was easily accessible by car. The other one was more private, but it was a 3/4 mile steep incline to get to the top. My husband is HORRIBLE with time management, but he was convinced we could do both. I tried to convince him that it would be better to just choose one, but he was so sure we would be able to do both. I knew this plan wasn’t going to work, but I decided to go along anyway because he was so determined. The first spot was lovely, but he still wanted to see the next place. The drive over to the second spot took longer than we expected and we knew we were going to be pushing it to see the sunset. We start the hike… and I was dying. My husband is pushing me and trying to encourage me to go faster and all I want to do is tell him to shut up. The more we hike, the madder I get. I’m huffing and crying and muttering to myself about how we are going to miss the sunset and I TOLD him this was a bad idea, etc. Finally we get to the top and see nothing. The sun had set while we were hiking up the mountain. I was livid and it was taking all my self-control not to punch my husband in the face. So I sat off by myself and ate some snacks. My husband comes over and hands me an envelope, which contains two plane tickets to Hawaii. Needless to say, he made up for the hike.” – Meghan Baker

The one where she got left in the middle of nowhere

“My now husband and I went on our very first trip alone together to Malta for a week and just explored via bus. One day we were trying to go to the beach and we were sitting on the bus. He asked me to go to the front to check whether this was our stop or not. So I went up front; sure enough it was our stop, and I got off. Little did I know that he had wanted me to just check, so he had not gotten off the bus with me. I was standing there in the middle of nowhere, with nothing on me but the dress I was wearing, watching the bus take off and with my future husband and all of our money and papers. After freaking out for a while, I decided to just walk down the street that I thought the bus had gone down and hope for the best. I walked around for about 30 minutes until I finally saw a person approach me in the near distance. I started bawling immediately when I recognized who that was. Instead of comforting me, he started laughing at me!” – Julia Dummer

The one with the rogue wave

”While eating dinner in Times Square the first night of our honeymoon (after missing our first flight from Charlotte to NYC), my husband and I looked across the street to the news ticker (and) were shocked to see the cruise ship we were supposed to be boarding on the news. The ship had been hit by a rogue 70-foot wave! First major crisis averted, but then I realized that in my haste of packing for my honeymoon (brides: please never pack on the morning of your wedding day), I forgot to pack any shirts. None. At least there’s lots of shopping in NYC.” – Tricia Wilson Magee‬

The one with the lost passport

“Because of some unexpected quick plane changes that happened on our way to Chile, I accidentally left my passport in my airplane seat in Miami. I realized it immediately after boarding the plane to Chile and told the stewardess. They checked the other plane, found the passport, and couldn’t do anything to get it to us on our plane (still in Miami). So I flew to Chile without a passport. They were ready for us when we arrived, but we weren’t allowed to leave the airport until I had a passport. The officials in Miami said they would send my passport on the next flight to Chile, but that it wouldn’t arrive until the following morning. So we spent the whole day and night in the Santiago airport. The next morning when the plane arrived, my passport was not on it. There had been a shift change in Miami and the new person on duty ‘found’ my passport and sent it via FedEx back to my house. Eventually we convinced them to let us out of the airport and we went straight to the Consulate for a temporary passport. Our honeymoon officially began 38 hours after it should have started.” – Laurie Goldman Smithwick

The one with the nausea — and the blackout

“We had only been dating for about a month before my now soon-to-be-husband and I decided to take a little vacation together. We found a cute little cabin about five hours away, and headed out. The day we were to leave to come back, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. knowing something wasn’t right with my stomach, but I didn’t tell him. He got up and made pancakes for me as a surprise, but I could not eat them. Even the smell was making me nauseated. And then I got sick to my stomach. On our way back, we had to pull off at almost every gas station we passed for me to go to the bathroom. Throughout it all, he remained calm and sweet and didn’t show any signs of frustration. Me, well, I was incredibly embarrassed. It kept getting worse, and at one point I knew I needed to vomit. I had him take an exit, and then take this weird creepy back road to an open field. I told him to stay in the car – for the love of God, man, STAY in the car. After half an hour, he came looking for me, and found me lying naked in said field. I apparently blacked out, took all my clothes off, and was sprawled out in the grass. I’m sure that’s an image he will never forget!“ – Anonymous

The one with the roofies at the club

“We took a group trip for our honeymoon. One night I decided to turn in early, and the group went out to a bar that is only accessible by water taxi. My husband and another friend in the group got roofied at the club. By the grace of God, the others got them back safely to our Airbnb. After I got them settled and in bed, I woke up to what I thought was a monsoon outside. It wasn’t a monsoon. The sound of torrential rain was actually our friend blackout peeing all over our cute little Airbnb honeymoon suite and all of our luggage. Let’s just say many more pee incidents happened throughout the night. Our honeymoon was memorable, to say the least.” – Anonymous

A version of this story appears in the fall 2018 issue of Carolina Bride magazine.


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