This piece is brought to you in partnership with Queens University of Charlotte. All opinions are our own.

Students in our graduate program join us to advance their careers, but along the way, they discover their passion. In the Master of Arts in Communication program at Queens University of Charlotte, our students are exploring the ways that communication intersects with our daily life – in their homes, in the workplace, and in our city.

From our program to you, here are six communication ideas that might just be on your wish list this season.

(1) Strategic design

Learn to utilize strategic communication to invest in causes that matter. Engage with people and causes. Advocate for the city and the common good. Lead the conversation and develop audience.

(2) Community orientation

Engage local and global communities in personal, health, business, and digital contexts. As communicators, we all have the responsibility to advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves. Sometimes we do this by communicating about our neighbors, but more often, strategic communicators come alongside a group of people to speak with them, and to help them design messages that create an opportunity for us all to engage together in our community.

(3) Digital savvy

Enhance your experiences with technology through digital and media literacy. Our students can explore media criticism, production, social media strategy, and digital literacies while building skills in content creation.

(4) Multimedia writing

Hone your skills in professional, technical, and multimedia writing, and explore academic writing. Many of our students publish with our faculty, engage in video production, or translate information across media formats.

(5) Entrepreneurial spirit

Explore your passions in an independent inquiry project of your own design. Our final course is titled “Launching Passion into Practice” because we value our students’ individual experiences.

(6) Audience engagement

Analyze and target diverse audiences by designing tailored messages. To be heard, first you get people to listen. Shouting in the middle of uptown might get some attention, but not in a good way. In the Knight School, we are investing in crafting messages that get attention for the right reasons – because they target our niche audience with purpose.

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