A sports fan’s review of Cam Newton’s outfits after the Panthers’ biggest wins of the season


Rejoice! After a narrow 22-19 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Panthers are heading back to the playoffs. As a result, we look back and review the outfits Cam Newton donned after the Panthers’ five most important wins this season.

Week 4 win vs. the Patriots

It truly was a breakthrough game for the Panthers and Cam. After struggling mightily against the Saints at home the week before, Cam finally was able to put in a full week of practice before traveling up to New England to take on the defending champions. Newton’s passes were crisp and Tom Brady, for once, had to watch someone else lead a game-winning drive on his field.

Cam’s post-game attire was somehow more sharp than his passes. I like the brimmed hat thing, and I assume the sport jacket over the sweatshirt (or is that a cardigan?) and collared shirt is a classic look. Unfortunately, the hat prevents light from reaching what look to be rather smart spectacles.

Here, Cam evokes the character that approaches you in a video game once things start to get really interesting. Is he a friendly financier or a villain? You’ll spend the rest of the game trying to figure it out, and if you’re wrong, you’re dead.

An appropriate image, I think, for someone who rolled into New England and stole a win.

Week 9 win vs. the Falcons

It was the week after the Kelvin Benjamin trade and Panthers nation was still reeling. So too, apparently, was Cam’s heart. After dunking on the Falcons to complete a comeback win, Cam rose to the podium and declared how the Titanic must go on.

Er, wait, that’s not how that goes. Anyway, hearts and Titanics aside, the circle glasses came back, but this time were accompanied by a more Indiana Jones-style hat, drawing a bold line between hero and villain. The lighter jacket and flower button also evoke a calmer image.

Week 14 win vs. the Vikings

The Panthers again broke new ground in a must-win game against one of the NFL’s best teams. After giving up a 24-13 lead late in the 4th quarter, Cam sprung to action, running for 69 yards all the way down to the Vikings’ seven-yard line with nearly two minutes to go. Carolina went on to win 31-24, sparking the playoff-clinching three-game winning streak.

After the game, Cam debuted the brimless fez hat, which is apparently a reference to Andre 3000 (an American rapper). After many weeks of experimentation, this, I think, is the perfect complement to those circle glasses. And the red undershirt really brings out the red tint of the glasses and the red of the hat.

Week 15 win vs. the Packers

Another week brought another must-win game against a difficult opponent: a tilt with the Aaron Rodgers-laden Green Bay Packers. After a week of hullabaloo, Cam Newton turned to the national media and asked, “What about me?” as he gashed the Packers for four touchdowns, including the famous “That’s cool, watch this” play:

There’s nothing “What about me?” about this outfit though. The circle glasses found new lenses to accompany the color of the brimless hat. Cam introduced a weird neck scarf and a flowy shirt to accompany this sheik getup.

The color coordination is, as fashion insiders would describe it, very cool. Also, I legitimately love the flight jacket! I used to wear something like that when I was a kid and, as we all know, memories from when you were a kid are the best memories.

Week 16 win vs. the Buccaneers

After all that hard work, after beating the Pats and Lions on the road, and after impressive home wins over Atlanta, Minnesota, Green Bay, it was almost all for naught. Several weird calls kept a late fourth-quarter drive alive for a Tampa Bay team up by four in a game where the Panthers had yet to score a touchdown.

Cam finally broke that drought with perhaps his most clumsy NFL touchdown ever:

Pink lenses returned to the circle glasses with a feathered cap as Cam welcomed a new accessory: his son Chosen, celebrating his second birthday. He provided an adorable end to a stressful day.

Photos: SNF on NBC, Carolina Panthers, NFL on FOX, Best of Nike



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