Cam Newton talks kickball, his favorite Charlotte hangouts and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches


Retired NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens interrupted an interview I was doing on Friday, walking up and filming the interview for his social media. That’s the kind of thing that happens when you talk to Cam Newton.

Cam Newton and T.O.

Who: Cam Newton — Carolina Panthers quarterback, NFL MVP, Heisman Trophy winner, father, fashion icon — joined us for a few minutes on this week’s episode of the CharlotteFive Podcast. He talked about what he likes to do around town, kickball and McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwiches.

We also spoke with Sports Illustrated NFL reporter Jonathan Jones, who used to write about the Panthers for the Charlotte Observer. He talked about his new job, and how Charlotte sports are perceived on a national scale.

What: Why did we talk to Newton about kickball? Because we recorded this week’s episode on location at Friday’s Kicking It With Cam Celebrity Kickball Tournament at Memorial Stadium. The tournament benefits the Cam Newton Foundation, which is “committed to enhancing the lives of young people by addressing their socioeconomic, educational, physical and emotional needs.”

Anything else? In addition to Newton and T.O., we saw Luke Kuechly, Cody Zeller, Jonathan Stewart, and other celebrities and athletes hanging around the tournament. So we decided to test Sarah Crosland’s sports knowledge.

We also watched Newton hit an in-the-park home run and argue with a team about possible cheating — while his own team was winning. Love seeing that competitive spirit before the season even starts.

And don’t worry, his kickball pitching didn’t seem to hurt his healing rotator cuff, which he had surgery on during the offseason. As he told ESPN (who he talked to after us — just sayin’) the underhanded throwing motion is natural.

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Photos: Corey Inscoe and Sallie Funderburk



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