This popular taco spot is expanding to Ballantyne

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A restaurant that’s been a longtime favorite in NoDa’s business district is planning to add a new location in Charlotte this fall.

Cabo Fish Taco, the seafood spot with the Baja/California vibe, announced Thursday that it will open a new location in Ballantyne, at 11625 N. Community House Road, in front of the Brigham Building. That’s next to a new location of Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

Cabo also has a location in Blacksburg, Va., and is opening a fourth location in Roanoke, Va.

Cabo was founded in NoDa by Rob Crenshaw and Gary Walker, who both grew up surfing in Virginia Beach, and Maeghan Crenshaw. With a Baja surfer theme, it was opened in 2001 when NoDa’s small business district was first taking off as an arts district and when fish tacos were first spreading east from the Pacific coast.

Went to Cabo for dinner last night for the first time in 2 years and wow y’all, I was impressed. I’ve never cared much for Cabo bc 1. their menu just has too much going on for ME (I like really simple food/flavors!) and 2. their default tortilla on tacos ISN’T a corn tortilla. Maybe I’m a purist because my family is Mexican, but you can’t serve tacos & have the default be a flour tortilla (those belong on burritos! & they should never be tiny!) 🤷🏽‍♀️ They will serve you corn tortillas, but it’s a $1 upcharge. _____________________ ANYWAYS tho, last night’s meal was so good & I will def want to return before the summer ends! I got 2 lemon grilled shrimp tacos (on corn tortillas!) w/ the seasonal side of fruit w/ chamoy. When the waitress told us about the seasonal side I got really excited bc it’s a very traditional thing in Mexico & she got really excited bc I was the first person who knew what it was. Chamoy tastes a little sweet & sour and is made from pickled fruit (which can vary, mango is a popular flavor I’ve had) seasoned with chili powder (Chili powder is my boo 💖). Chamoy is a sauce, the fruit in the side itself is not pickled! If y’all in Blacksburg, DEF try out this combo, or at least this side! Loved it 😍 _____________________ #darleneats #cabofishtaco #tacos #summerfruit #chamoy #blacksburgva #treatyoself #summerfood #goodeats

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It quickly found a following and long lines before NoDa became known as a restaurant destination area in Charlotte.

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